Grammar Quiz

-ed/-ing Adjectives Quiz


Jhon did a 10 km run, so it’s not _____________ that he’s tired.

A. surprised

B. surprising

The lesson was so________________.

A. bored

B. boring

I was ___________ when I heard the news.

A. shocked

B. shocking

I didn’t find the situation very funny. I wasn’t ___________.

A. amused

B. amusing

I really liked the book,it was really _________________.

A. interested

B. interesting

The game was quite ________________.

A. excited

B. exciting

I was really ____________ when I got the job.

A. amazed

B. amazing

Are you ________________ in football?

A. interested

B. interesting

The lesson was really _____________.No one understood a thing.

A. confused

B. confusing

I’m sorry I’m late, but there is no need to be so ___________ with me.

A. annoyed

B. annoying

I was___________with the movie, I expected it to be better.

A. disappointed

B. disappointing

She has made ____________ progress in her English.

A. astonished

B. astonishing

Bungee jumping was a _______________ experience.

A. terrified

B. terrifying

It’s ____________ when you have to ask people for money.

A. embarrased

B. embarrasing

Jane teaches young children.It’s an ___________ job.

A. exhausted

B. exhausting


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