Grammar Quiz

Adverbs or Adjectives Quiz


I speak English _________________.

A. well

B. good

Find the adverb.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the show.

A. thoroughly

B. enjoyed

C. girls

You look _________________. Didn’t you sleep well?

A. tired

B. tiredly

She answered _________________.

A. clever

B. cleverly

Julia is a _________________ person.

A. careful

B. carefully

She sang _________________.

A. happy

B. happily

She plays the piano _________________.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

Which sentence is correct?

A. Mia talks quick on the phone.

B. Mia talks on the quickly phone.

C. Mia talks on the phone quick.

D. Mia talks quickly on the phone.

Michael’s dog has extremely bad breath!

A. adjective

B. adverb

C. neither

D. both

Which word is an adverb?

A. slowly

B. pretty

C. sticky

D. funny

I ran _________________ to the station.

A. quick

B. quickly

The music was _________________.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

Find TWO adjectives.

The king was strong, but very cruel.

A. king, was

B. strong, very

C. strong, cruel

He is a _________________ cook.

A. terrible

B. terribly

Choose the correct sentence.

A. Come quick or we will miss our bus.

B. Come quickly or we will miss our bus.

Her English is _________________.

A. well

B. good


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