Grammar Quiz

Comparative Quiz


This contract is __________ the previous one

A. worse than

B. worse than

C. worser than

D. worsies than

his feet are _________ niko’s.

A. more dirtier than

B. dirties than

C. dirtier than

D. more dirtier than

Marcela is _______ Karla.

A. uglier than

B. uglies than

C. more uglier than

D. more uglies than

Panama is ___________Siria

A. safer than

B. safes than

C. more safer than

D. more safes than

The shoes are ___________ the sneackers.

A. thightes than

B. most thighter than

C. more thighter than

D. thighter than

Your desk is ________than mine

A. the biggest

B. bigger than

C. bigger

D. biggest

your neighborhood is ____________ mine.

A. more dangerous than

B. most dangerous than

C. dangeroes than

D. dangerouer than

My cellphone is __________ than yours

A. more expensive

B. more expensive than

C. expensives than

D. most expensive than

Today is______ than yerterday.

A. cold

B. colder

C. colder than

D. coldes

Francia is ____________Colombia.

A. more cleaner than

B. cleanes than

C. cleaner than

D. most cleaner than

the cake is __________ the lemon.

A. sweetes than

B. sweeter than

C. more sweeter than

D. most sweetes than

Sophie is ___________ mandy.

A. talkative than

B. most talkative than

C. more talkative than

D. talkatives than

I am__________ she.

A. prettier than

B. pretier than

C. more pretier than

D. most pretier than


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