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Comparative Quiz


My cat is ______ than your cat.

A. Big

B. Bigger

C. More big

Can you speak ……..? My English is not good

A. more traditionally

B. more slowly

C. more healthily

D. more soundly

Panama is ___________Siria

A. safer than

B. safes than

C. more safer than

D. more safes than

Marcela is _______ Karla.

A. uglier than

B. uglies than

C. more uglier than

D. more uglies than

your neighborhood is ____________ mine.

A. more dangerous than

B. most dangerous than

C. dangeroes than

D. dangerouer than

This test is ______ than the test we took yesterday

A. Difficult

B. Most difficult

C. More difficult

his feet are _________ niko’s.

A. more dirtier than

B. dirties than

C. dirtier than

D. more dirtier than

John is ______ than he was yesterday.

A. More sick

B. Sicker

C. Sickest

This contract is __________ the previous one

A. worse than

B. worse than

C. worser than

D. worsies than

The boys are ______ today than they were yesterday.

A. Happy

B. Happier

C. Happiest

It’s not always true that rich people donate ………. than poor people.

A. more slowly

B. more traditionally

C. more generously

D. more soundly

Today is______ than yerterday.

A. cold

B. colder

C. colder than

D. coldes

Nowadays, people dress…………, so it’s difficult to say which country they are from.

A. less traditionally

B. more traditionally

C. more healthily

D. less healthily

My mother has to get up ………than us to milk the cow.

A. later

B. faster

C. better

D. earlier

I’m strong, but my brother is _______ .

A. Strongest

B. Stronger

C. As strong

Francia is ____________Colombia.

A. more cleaner than

B. cleanes than

C. cleaner than

D. most cleaner than

After a hard working day, we usually sleep …….

A. more healthily

B. more generously

C. more soundly

D. more slowly

the cake is __________ the lemon.

A. sweetes than

B. sweeter than

C. more sweeter than

D. most sweetes than

Your exam score is low. I’m sure you can do ……..

A. well

B. better

C. best

D. good

The farmers have to work ………… at the harvest time.

A. well

B. more badly

C. fast

D. harder

Cheetahs are ____________ than other big cats.

A. Fast

B. More faster

C. Faster

The blue dress is ______ than the yellow dress.

A. More beautiful

B. Most beautiful

C. Beautiful

The brown bird is ______ than the yellow bird.

A. More little

B. Small

C. Smaller

On Sunday we can get up ……….than usual

A. better

B. faster

C. later

D. more badly

You look tired. Are you feeling ……..than you did this morning?

A. worse

B. well

C. badly

D. faster


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