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Passive Voice Quiz


America ___ several centuries ago.

A. will be discovered

B. had been discovered

C. was discovered

James…….. the news as soon as possible.

A. should tell

B. should be told

C. should told

D. should be telled

Electricity …. by Thomas Alva Edison.

A. invented

B. was invented

C. will invent

D. will be invented

Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? – I don’t enjoy_________ at.

A. be laughed

B. laughing

C. to be laughed

D. being laughed

The winning car ______ by Sienna.

A. got driven

B. was driven

C. was driving

Peter suggested that I ………………my sandals into rain boots because it was raining outside.

A. changed

B. change

Many people have had this experience.

A. This experience have been had by many people.

B. This experience has been had by many people.

C. This experience had been had by many people.

While I ____________ by Jane, the telephone rang.(Past Continuous)

A. were being introduced

B. is being introduced

C. are being introduced

D. was being introduced

The conference room ___ at the moment.

A. is being used

B. had been used

C. was being used

Coffee…in Brazil.

A. is grown

B. grows

C. grow

D. is growing

The car ______________ (repair) by William tomorrow.

A. has been repaired

B. is repaired

C. will be repaired

D. was repaired

That house ___ a long time ago.

A. has been sold

B. was sold

C. is sold

Tom is writing an email.
The letter ________________ by Tom.

A. was written

B. is being written

C. has been written

The shops ______________ (close) on Christmas Day.

A. is closed

B. is close

C. are close

D. are closed

We can’t have our car now; ___________ at the garage.

A. It is repaired

B. It is being repaired

C. It repaired

‘How about going to the sea this weekend?’ Tom asked.

A. Tom suggested going to the sea that weekend.

B. Tom suggest going to the sea that weekend.

C. Tom suggested going to the sea this weekend.

D. Tom suggested go to the sea that weekend.

We can’t swim in the swimming pool now because it…….

A. was being cleaned

B. is being cleaned

C. has been cleaned

D. will clean

E. cleaned

The children should be taught to respect others.

The CORRECT active form of the sentence above is …
A. The parents should taught the children to respect others.

B. The parents should teach the children to respect others.

C. The parents should be teach the children to respect others.

D. The parents should taught by the children to respect others.

Which is in passive voice?

A. is going

B. is being

C. is done

D. has been

My father wrote this book. It ….by my father.

A. will be wrote

B. was write

C. was written

D. is written

Thousands of customers ______ about their phone service by filling out questionaires online.

A. were surveyed

B. were surveying

C. had surveyed

D. had been surveying

The wool has been (weave) by grandmother to be a good swater.

The correct words to replace the verb in the brackets is …

A. weaved

B. weaves

C. wove

D. woven

A : There was no longer a rule for the youth to enter military service in Britain

B : Really, when…?

The suitable word to fill the blanks is …

A. was it abolishing

B. did it abolish

C. was it abolished

D. was it to be abolished

Choose the correct form for Passive Voice

Mum is going to prepare the food.

A. The food was going to be prepared by mum.

B. The food is going to be prepared by mum.

C. The food are going to be prepared by mum.

D. The food will be prepared by mum.

Cheese … from milk.

A. are made

B. is made

C. made

D. were made


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