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Grammar - Similes Quiz


The sickly old lady walks as ________as a snail to the clinic.

A. clumsy

B. slow

C. graceful

D. fast

The flood flowed ________ lightning through the roads.

A. as bright as

B. as quick as

C. as calm as

D. as fresh as

Shivan and Yuvan are _______ larks because their nephews and niece are visiting them during the holidays.

A. as jealous as

B. as friendly as

C. as happy as

D. as busy as

The box is ______ a rock. Shivani hurt her back trying to lift it.

A. as hard as

B. as deep as

C. as heavy as

D. as round as

After mother had sharpened the knife. It was _______ a needle.

A. as sharp as

B. as fresh as

C. as clear as

D. as proud as

Reena answered all the questions correctly. She’s as ________ as an owl.

A. brave

B. wise

C. bright

D. clean

Siva acted _______ a clown in the class. Everyone loved his act.

A. as sweet as

B. as funny as

C. as heavy as

D. as brave as

Ravi’s hair is as ________ as coal.

A. strong

B. black

C. white

D. light

She always trips and falls when she starts walking. She is _________ a bear.

A. as heavy as

B. as agile as

C. as clumsy as

D. as flat as

Sara’s skin is ________ a cherry after a ball hit her on her forehead.

A. as bright as

B. as dark as

C. as hot as

D. as red as

Sarane’s teeth are as white as _______.

A. crystal

B. cherry

C. snow

D. picture

Both Surya and Karthik are very good friends. Their friendship is ______ steel.

A. as hateful as

B. as cruel as

C. as true as

D. as foul as

I am sure you can lift this box because it is _______ a feather.

A. as strong as

B. as black as

C. as heavy as

D. as light as

The tea is ________. Could you please add some water ?

A. as white as snow

B. as fresh as dew

C. as hard as iron

D. as sweet as honey

The orange juice is as _______ as ice.

A. cold

B. clear

C. bitter

D. white

Grandfather’s old car looks ________ the stars. He bought it when he was 17 years old.

A. as new as

B. as neat as

C. as ancient as

D. as dead as

Mrs. Mania scolded her son for breaking the vase. He was as ________ as a mouse.

A. agile

B. happy

C. quiet

D. wise

Danish shaved his head ________ an egg.

A. as clean as

B. as bald as

C. as flat as

D. as round as

He felt as _______ as a baby when he was trapped in the lift.

A. hungry

B. busy

C. hard

D. helpless

The workmen were _______ because they had to complete the bridge on time.

A. as sweet as honey

B. as busy as bees

C. as sour as limes

D. as quick as lightning


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