Grammar Quiz

If- Conditional Quiz


If my husband ____ a cold, I usually ____ it.

A. has, catch

B. have, catch

C. has, caught

D. have, caught

What would you do if it ________ on your wedding day?

A. rained

B. will rain

C. would rain

If we _____ hurry up, we ________ the bus.

A. won’t / miss

B. don’t / ‘ll miss

C. will miss / don’t

But they have come to represent admirable qualities: strength, __________ and triumph over adversity.

A. posterity

B. longevity

C. parchment

D. memorabilia

If he _________, I __________ surprised.

A. (come) , (‘ll)

B. (come) , (‘ll be)

C. (comes) , (‘ll be)

If I _______ out tonight, I______ to the cinema.

A. (‘ll go), (go)

B. (go) (‘ll go)

If we hadn’t missed the train, we ____________________ (ARRIVE) on time

A. would have arrived

B. wouldn’t have arrived

C. would be arrived

D. will arrive

My sister ___________________ better on the test if the lecturer _______________ the grammar once more.

A. will score, explains

B. can score, explains

C. could score, explained

D. could have scored, had explained

What will you do if you ________ the history exam?

A. would fail

B. will fail

C. fail

He _____ really embarrassed if he _____ late to his own wedding.

A. is / ‘ll be

B. ‘ll be / ‘s

C. be / will be

What ……………. if he had asked you?

A. would you have done

B. you would have done

C. will you do

D. you would do

In our case, every effort is made to ensure that those works of art are preserved for _____________.

A. parchment

B. facility

C. renovation

D. posterity

If he ______ that, he will be sorry.

A. will do

B. does

If I bake a cake, _______ have some?

A. do you

B. will you

If you ____ Max, I ____ your best friend.

A. find, will be

B. will find, will be

C. find, am

D. will find, am

If he ________ thirsty, he would have drunk some water.

A. is

B. were

C. had been

D. had had

I would never lend to you if I … (know) before.

A. know

B. knows

C. knew

D. had know

If you stopped doing it, they ………….. be very disappointed.

A. would

B. will

C. had

D. would have

If Mary ____________________ (JOIN) the wildlife organisation, she’ll be able to adopt a baby animal.

A. joins

B. would join

C. joined

D. would have joined

I ______ you a secret if you _______ not to tell anyone.

A. tell / will promise

B. ‘ll tell / promise

C. tell / promise

The person in charge told me that If I took the 8 a.m. flight to New York, I ___________ change planes.

A. don’t have to

B. won’t have to

C. didn’t have to

D. shouldn’t have to

My parents had been my emotional safety net and I _____________ the ordeals of life without their constant support and attention.

A. wouldn’t have survived

B. couldn’t survived

C. will not have survived

D. wouldn’t survive

If you ______ leave now, I _____ the police.

A. don’t / call

B. won’t / call

C. don’t / ‘ll call

If he _______ you, will you answer the phone?

A. will call

B. calls

If they asked us to make a decision, ………… it be wiser to choose someone from our company?

A. wouldn’t have

B. wouldn’t

C. will have

D. if


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