Grammar Quiz

If- Conditional Quiz


If he _________, I __________ surprised.

A. (come) , (‘ll)

B. (come) , (‘ll be)

C. (comes) , (‘ll be)

I would never lend to you if I … (know) before.

A. know

B. knows

C. knew

D. had know

If we _____ hurry up, we ________ the bus.

A. won’t / miss

B. don’t / ‘ll miss

C. will miss / don’t

If you stopped doing it, they ………….. be very disappointed.

A. would

B. will

C. had

D. would have

They won’t know the truth if you ________ them.

A. won’t tell

B. don’t tell

My parents will get worried if I ……………….. them this evening.

A. called

B. don’t call

C. had called

D. would call

If you cut your finger with a knife, it _____.

A. hurts

B. hurt

C. will hurts

D. will have hurt

If they asked us to make a decision, ………… it be wiser to choose someone from our company?

A. wouldn’t have

B. wouldn’t

C. will have

D. if

He _____ really embarrassed if he _____ late to his own wedding.

A. is / ‘ll be

B. ‘ll be / ‘s

C. be / will be

Nobody could __________ alive from this avalanche unless they believed that man could resurrect.

A. emerge

B. degrade

C. prosper

D. deliberate

If he _________, I __________ surprised.

A. (come) , (‘ll)

B. (come) , (‘ll be)

C. (comes) , (‘ll be)

If I could, I ____________________ (HELP) all the endangered species in the world!

A. would be helping

B. would have helped

C. would helped

D. would help

If your sister go to Langkawi Island, she ________ a fun time

A. has

B. will have

If I _______ out tonight, I______ to the cinema.

A. (‘ll go), (go)

B. (go) (‘ll go)

She _____ really disappointed if you ________ go to her party.

A. is / won’t

B. ‘ll be / don’t

C. won’t be / will

I ……………… him immediately if I had my mobile phone with me.

A. would call

B. will call

C. didn’t call

D. had called

If they …………… us earlier, we would have postponed our meeting.

A. had told

B. had said

C. would have told

D. would say

If Mary ____________________ (JOIN) the wildlife organisation, she’ll be able to adopt a baby animal.

A. joins

B. would join

C. joined

D. would have joined

If he _______ you, will you answer the phone?

A. will call

B. calls

The sudden resignation of the financial director put the company in a very ____________ position.

A. affordable

B. deteriorated

C. vacant

D. vulnerable

What would you do if it ________ on your wedding day?

A. rained

B. will rain

C. would rain

If my husband ____ a cold, I usually ____ it.

A. has, catch

B. have, catch

C. has, caught

D. have, caught

She would have rung the doorbell if she …………. her keys.

A. lose

B. was lost

C. have been losing

D. had lost

Building a new children’s home will cost a lot of money, but, be that as it may, there is an urgent need for the ___________.

A. renovation

B. facility

C. developers

D. memorabilia

But they have come to represent admirable qualities: strength, __________ and triumph over adversity.

A. posterity

B. longevity

C. parchment

D. memorabilia


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