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Simple Past vs Past Continuous Tense Quiz


When I ——— up this morning, it was snowing.

A. wake

B. wakes

C. woke

D. woken

I was listening to the radio when Adam ———.

A. phoned

B. phone

C. phones

D. was phoning

It _______ a beautiful morning.

A. is

B. was

C. has

D. had

While I ________ past some villages, I _______ some people in their gardens.

A. was cycling/ saw

B. cycled/ saw

C. was cycling/ was seeing

D. was cycling/ seen

When you called yesterday at 8:00, I ———- the floor.

A. mopped

B. mop

C. was mopping

D. were mopping

So I ________ to cycle around a little.

A. decide

B. decides

C. decided

D. was deciding

Luckily a farmer _______ me and _______ me to come in.

A. notices/ tell

B. noticed/ telling

C. notices/ told

D. noticed/ told

——— I was doing the gardening, the telephone rang.

A. While

B. When

When I _____ on my way home, I ______ an accident

A. was/ was seeing

B. am/ is seeing

C. was/ see

D. was/ saw

——— I saw her, she was wearing a really nice purple dress.

A. While

B. When

She __________ to school, ________ out her text book and ________ to learn.

A. gone/ took/ began

B. was going/ took/ began

C. went/ took/ began

D. went/ took/ begun

One man _____________ the grass while his wife___________ strawberries.

A. mowed/ picked

B. was mowing/ was picking

C. was mowing/ picked

D. mowed/ picking

I ———– downstairs when I heard the doorbell.”

A. was going

B. were going

C. went

D. go

He was driving very fast —– the police stopped him.

A. while

B. when

She __________ to school, ________ out her text book and ________ to learn.

A. gone/ took/ began

B. was going/ took/ began

C. went/ took/ began

D. went/ took/ begun

After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly ______ and it ______ to rain.

A. appeared/ started

B. was appearing/ was started

C. appearing/ starting

D. appeared/ was starting

I _____ to the shed and _____ out my bike.

A. was going/ taking

B. went/ took

C. went/ was taking

D. went/ taken

When Jane __________ a language course in Ireland, she _____________ Blarney castle.

A. was doing/ visited

B. did/ visited

C. did/ visiting

D. was doing/ visiting

When I ________ up this yesterday, the sun _____________

A. get/ shine

B. got/ shone

C. get/ is shining

D. got/ was shining

When I ______________ the washing-up, I _________ the plate

A. was doing/ broke

B. am doing/ break

C. did/ broke

D. was doing/ break

I __________ dinner when I suddenly __________ a loud bang.

A. had dinner/ was hearing

B. was having/ heard

C. had/ heard

D. have had dinner/ heard

While it ______________ outside, I _______________ in the farmer’s house.

A. rained/ was sitting

B. was raining/ was sitting

C. was raining/ sat

D. rained/ sat

While Tom _________________ the piano, his mother _______________ the washing-up.

A. was playing/ was doing

B. is playing/ is doing

C. played/ did

D. was playing/ did

When my father _______________ in the garden, an old friend ___________ by to see him.

A. working/ passing

B. was working/ was passing

C. was working/ passed

D. worked/ was passing

After a while, the sun _________ out again.

A. comes

B. came

C. was coming

D. coming


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