Grammar Quiz

If Conditional Zero and One Quiz


Soap dissolves if you _____ it in water

A. leave

B. leaves

C. will leave

Ask the teacher if you _____

A. doesn’t understand

B. don’t understand

C. will not understand

If you are going out, ____ me know.

A. let’s

B. let

C. will let

He ______ understand if she explains it better.

A. understands

B. will understand

C. understand

If they don’t start playing offensively, they _____ the match.

A. will lose

B. lose

C. loses

If he rings the bell, the receptionist ____

A. comes

B. come

C. will come

It can be hard to access the web if you _____ a PC at home.

A. won’t have

B. don’t have

C. doesn’t have

If you don’t turn down the volume, I ____ the TV.

A. will turn off

B. turn off

C. turns off

The heater _____ on if you press this switch.

A. turns

B. turn

C. will turn

If Jack meets Tom, he ____ him the truth.

A. will tell

B. tell

C. tells

What will Charlie do if he _____ the job?

A. won’t get

B. don’t get

C. doesn’t get

She ____ a new computer if her uncle gives her some money.

A. buy

B. buys

C. will buy

Children ____ upset, if they are being bullied.

A. will get

B. gets

C. get

Milk ____ off if you don’t keep it in a cool place.

A. will go

B. go

C. goes

If I study more, I ______ the exam.

A. will pass

B. pass

C. passes


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