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Mixed Tenses Quiz


Yu En _______ the dog a wash when the telephone rang.

A. is giving

B. was giving

C. will have given

D. has been giving

In the 9 th century a monk called Anthony …..a small cave there

A. digs

B. is diging

C. dug

D. have dug

The minute Clanice reached home, she ________ flat on her bed and dozed off.

A. lay

B. lied

C. lain

D. laid

She …….to drive a car

A. is teaching

B. are teaching

C. am teaching

D. teaches

The phone _______ suddenly while Joanna was doing the housework.

A. rang

B. was ringing

I ……………………………you!

A. never forget

B. will never forget

C. never forgot

Black ravens …… tourist every day

A. met

B. have met

C. are meeting

D. meet

Two years ago I … first trip abroad

A. am having

B. had

C. have had

D. have

I … English test at the moment

A. do

B. did

C. have done

D. am doing

He _______________ his Chinese course before he went to China to continue his business.

A. had finished

B. will have finished

C. will finish

D. has finished

After the teacher finished __________ the grammar rules, the pupils understood them.

A. explain

B. explains

C. explained

D. explaining

The burglar ______ quietly around the living room when he accidentally knocked over a vase.

A. is creeping

B. are creeping

C. was creeping

D. had crept

He …..about the ocean

A. has told

B. tells

C. is telling

D. told

The boy fell while he _______ down the stairs.

A. run

B. was running

C. run

………………….toasts for breakfast?

A. Does she eat

B. Is she eating

C. Does she eats

Your father ______ you your birthday present, hasn’t he?

A. gives

B. gave

C. is giving

D. has given

What …. the difference between Present Simple and Present Perfect?

A. do

B. were

C. is

D. will

You can go to sleep since you ______ your teeth.

A. has brushed

B. are brushing

C. have brushed

D. were brushing

I ______________ you this book when I meet you tomorrow.

A. is giving

B. will give

C. give

D. has given

The plane ______ in a couple of hours, so we can still shop a little more.

A. leave

B. leaves

C. was left

D. was leaving

We _______________ for going home when it began to rain.

A. have prepared

B. are preparing

C. were preparing

D. will be preparing

While Peter _______ the rose bush in the back yard, the phone rang.

A. had been watering

B. watering

C. was watering

I ….Kyiv next year

A. visited

B. visits

C. has visited

D. will visit

She knows all tenses, …….she?

A. is not

B. was not

C. does not

D. has not

We’ll be able to leave for the airport as soon as the taxi _______.

A. arrived

B. will arrive

C. arrives


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