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Mixed Tenses Quiz


When I came to visit her last night, she ________________ a bath.

A. was having

B. is having

C. had had

D. has had

When I got home I found that water ________________ down the kitchen walls.

A. was running

B. had been running

C. has run

D. ran

After he _____________ his English course, he went to England to continue his study.

A. had finished

B. was finished

C. would finish

D. has finish

The manager ________________ the store before I arrived.

A. had closed

B. was closed

C. has closed

D. closed

Please send us a postcard as soon as you ________________ in London.

A. arrived

B. will arrive

C. is going to arrive

D. arrive

When she came into the hall, she ________________ her arms to the audience, smiled and bowed deeply.

A. opened

B. had opened

C. was opening

D. is opening

I ______________ you this book when I meet you tomorrow.

A. is giving

B. will give

C. give

D. has given

We _______________ for going home when it began to rain.

A. have prepared

B. are preparing

C. were preparing

D. will be preparing

I don’t think he ____________in the thirty years I _______________ him.

A. has changed/have known

B. had changed/have known

C. had changed/had known

D. has changed/knew

When we see Mr. Minh tomorrow, I ________________ him of that.

A. remind

B. will remind

C. reminded

D. have reminded

Tom ________________ before we arrive there.

A. had left

B. has left

C. leaves

D. will have left

I had prepared dinner before I __________________ to work.

A. went

B. had gone

C. was going

D. is going

John _________________ in the same house since he left school.

A. has lived

B. had lived

C. lived

D. was living

He _______________ his Chinese course before he went to China to continue his business.

A. had finished

B. will have finished

C. will finish

D. has finished

While my father ________________ a film on TV, my mother was cooking dinner.

A. watches

B. watched

C. was watching

D. had watched


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