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Mixed Tenses Quiz


We _______________ for going home when it began to rain.

A. have prepared

B. are preparing

C. were preparing

D. will be preparing

John _________________ in the same house since he left school.

A. has lived

B. had lived

C. lived

D. was living

When I got home I found that water ________________ down the kitchen walls.

A. was running

B. had been running

C. has run

D. ran

You had better _____ up to reality and stop all your daydreaming.

A. face

B. faced

C. faces

D. facing

The manager ________________ the store before I arrived.

A. had closed

B. was closed

C. has closed

D. closed

The minute Clanice reached home, she ________ flat on her bed and dozed off.

A. lay

B. lied

C. lain

D. laid

Yu En _______ the dog a wash when the telephone rang.

A. is giving

B. was giving

C. will have given

D. has been giving

Tom ________________ before we arrive there.

A. had left

B. has left

C. leaves

D. will have left

I ______ go to the library tomorrow as I need to return this book.

A. am going

B. will

C. shall

D. shall not

What are you doing next week? I………………..a conference in Viene!

A. have

B. am having

C. will have

She ……………………….an old photo while she was searching for the dress.

A. was finding

B. found

C. founded

Uncle Soh has never toured Japan before, and he will be ______ there for a holiday next year.

A. fly

B. flew

C. flown

D. flying

Your father ______ you your birthday present, hasn’t he?

A. gives

B. gave

C. is giving

D. has given

While I ……………………………. I met my old friend

A. was going to the cinema

B. went to the cinema

C. I go to the cinema

Jing Wei _______ for Sharon for over an hour, but she still has not arrived.

A. has been waiting

B. is waiting

C. had been waiting

D. have been waiting

The burglar ______ quietly around the living room when he accidentally knocked over a vase.

A. is creeping

B. are creeping

C. was creeping

D. had crept

We got up late and …………………….home at 9.00.

A. leaved

B. was leaving

C. left

………………….toasts for breakfast?

A. Does she eat

B. Is she eating

C. Does she eats

The soldiers were no longer hungry. They _______ a heavy lunch at noon.

A. were eaten

B. have eaten

C. were eating

D. had eaten

Ayden ______ on the sofa to watch television an hour ago.

A. lain

B. laid

C. lied

D. lay

I ______________ you this book when I meet you tomorrow.

A. is giving

B. will give

C. give

D. has given

I ……………… Rome a year ago

A. didn’t be

B. was

C. were

Please send us a postcard as soon as you ________________ in London.

A. arrived

B. will arrive

C. is going to arrive

D. arrive

I had prepared dinner before I __________________ to work.

A. went

B. had gone

C. was going

D. is going

Did Miss Soh and her students _____ one of the best performances last week?

A. watch

B. watched

C. watching

D. were watching


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