Grammar Quiz

Infinitive Quiz


You should ____________ your parents.

A. to ask

B. ask

My little sister learns _____________.

A. speak

B. to speak

I can________ English.

A. speak

B. to speak

Maybe we could ___________ this year.

A. to travel

B. travel

You must ___________ at home.

A. stay

B. to stay

Do you want___________ basketball?

A. to play

B. play

They’re planning ____________ soon.

A. get married

B. to get married

Let me __________ you my email.

A. to give

B. give

He cannot ____________ us.

A. to see

B. see

What would you like _______________ on the weekend?

A. do

B. to do

They want ___________ to the cinema.

A. go

B. to go

He offered _____________ me with my homework.

A. to help

B. help

I need ___________ to the supermarket. We don’t have any milk.

A. to go

B. go

May I ______________ in?

A. to cone

B. come

I hope ____________ this quiz.

A. to pass

B. pass

I will___________ you.

A. help

B. to help

I’m trying ____________ a job, but it’s very hard.

A. find

B. to find

You should_____________ for your next practice.

A. to study

B. study

We have __________ out homework.

A. do

B. to do

I’d like ___________ a dog.

A. to have

B. have


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