Grammar Quiz

Infinitive Quiz


you need not ___.

A. waited

B. wait

C. to wait

D. waiting

Thomas persuaded his daughter ______ for a job.

A. looking

B. to look

C. look

D. looked

I’d like ___________ a dog.

A. to have

B. have

Please remind him _______ here punctually tonight.

A. being

B. to be

C. be

D. been

We have __________ out homework.

A. do

B. to do

Maybe we could ___________ this year.

A. to travel

B. travel

A lot of people are looking forward______their Prime Minister.

A. to seeing

B. to see

C. seeing

D. see

They want ___________ to the cinema.

A. go

B. to go

Mr. Brown was ________ his watch in his pocket.

A. surprise to find

B. surprising to find

C. surprised to find

D. surprising to finding

I need ___________ to the supermarket. We don’t have any milk.

A. to go

B. go

I hope ____________ this quiz.

A. to pass

B. pass

You should_____________ for your next practice.

A. to study

B. study

He cannot ____________ us.

A. to see

B. see

Finally I managed ______________ the work.

A. finished

B. finish

C. to finished

D. to finish

Let me __________ you my email.

A. to give

B. give

May I ______________ in?

A. to cone

B. come

Did you advise him_______to the police? No, I didn’t.

A. to go

B. going

C. went

D. gone

I forgot ….. my cat from condo securities.

A. To hide

B. Hiding

C. Hide

D. Hid

You must ___________ at home.

A. stay

B. to stay

Unfortunately, we can’t afford ______________ a new car this year.

A. buy

B. bought

C. to buy

D. to bought

I hope …… you again.

A. Seen

B. Seeing

C. See

D. To see

I hope_______ from you soon.

A. hear

B. heard

C. to hear

D. hearing

I’m trying ____________ a job, but it’s very hard.

A. find

B. to find

Do you want___________ basketball?

A. to play

B. play

I can________ English.

A. speak

B. to speak


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