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Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Quiz


Dad spoke to James and me about the mess. He told ______ to clean it up.

A. him

B. we

C. us

D. them

My little brother left when he saw the spiders. ____________ is afraid of ____________.

A. Him, them

B. He, them

C. She, them

D. They, them

Melanie was injured in a bicycle accident. ______ broke her wrist.

A. It

B. He

C. She

D. They

I looked everywhere for Sarah. _____ was nowhere to be found.

A. her

B. he

C. she

D. him

Ben and Scott joined Bob and me for a set of tennis. _________ beat ________ by two games.

A. She, us

B. Them, we

C. They, us

D. Us, them

What is the pronoun and in the sentence? (antecedent is underlined)

Any child who wants to go on the field trip must bring in a permission slip signed by his or her parents.

A. field trip

B. his or her

C. permission slip

D. signed by

The noun in which a pronoun refers to is called a ….

A. pronoun

B. linking verb

C. antecedent

D. action verb

Alberto and I joined the science club.l _________ go every Friday after school.

A. we

B. us

C. they

D. them

If Tito’s Taco Palace continues to increase _____ prices, Samantha won’t be able to afford the cheapest lunch burrito

A. their

B. its

C. his or her

A critically, bitterly ironic statement, intended to cut or criticize its target

A. Sarcasm

B. Irony

C. Satire

D. Juxtoposistion

Pronouns and their antecedents must agree in …

A. number and gender

B. number and objects

C. objects and prepositions

D. verbs and number

Practice: Mike and Jamarcus brought over a game to play, but they forgot to invite Brian

Identify the pronoun and antecedent

A. Mike and Jamarcus, brought

B. Mike and Jamarcus, game

C. Mike and Jamarcus, they

D. Brian, they

Practice: Starla brought her dog to the park

What is the pronoun and antecedent?

A. Starla, brought

B. Starla, her

C. Starla, dog

D. Starla, park

My grandmother, as well as many other older women, believes that _____ should wait until a man calls her, rather than calling the man first.

A. she

B. their

C. they

We had lima beans for dinner. I didn’t eat any because I don’t like __________.

A. her

B. them

C. him

D. us

We walked carefully to avoid the broken glass. Pieces of _____ were everywhere.

A. them

B. it

C. they

D. her

Satire is

A. drawing a conclusion based on facts.

B. taking advantage of someone or something for one own’s benefit.

C. a form of speech which contains an expression of less strength than what would be expected. In satire, the understated language may be ironic.

D. provoking change or reform through poking fun at society’s vices

Claire plays the piano and the trumpet. ________ plays _________ equally well.

A. Her, them

B. She, them

C. We, them

D. He, it

Frank and I rode our bikes after school. ___________ were home before dark.

A. we

B. they

C. he

D. she

Graham moved here from New Zealand. __________ and his family have adjusted well.

A. Him

B. He

C. She

D. Them

The noises outside bothered Jill. __________ made sleep difficult for ________.

A. They, she

B. They, her

C. It, her

D. It, she

Jerod knocked over the paint cans. Then _______ picked ______ up.

A. she, it

B. he, it

C. she, them

D. he, them


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