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Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases Quiz


What is the prepositional phrase? He will attend the meeting with us.

A. with us

B. will attend the meeting

C. He will

D. meeting with us

What is the preposition? Dwight walked across the street.

A. across

B. street

C. walked

D. the

The students were tired _________.

A. after the test.

B. from aluminum.

C. up the chimney.

D. beyond the high mountains.

The house _________ is haunted.

A. in this picture

B. after the test

C. to another bank

D. below the ocean floor

More than three hundred people were _________.

A. on the boat.

B. on that leaf.

C. into the house.

D. over the fence.

What is the prepositional phrase? Did Uncle Brandon stay there before our arrival.

A. before our arrival

B. there before our arrival

C. Brandon stay

D. stay there before

What is the prepositional phrase? The team will meet tonight outside the gym.

A. outside the gym

B. meet tonight

C. will meet tonight

D. tonight outside the gym

Rick found a strange bug _________.

A. during the movie.

B. on the tree.

C. to another bank.

D. after the test

What is the prepositional phrase? Evan’s house is near a busy intersection.

A. near a busy intersection

B. near a busy

C. house is near

D. Evan’s house

What is the preposition? Erin walked into the pet store.

A. into

B. pet

C. store

D. walked

What is the prepositional phrase? The gopher scurried back into his hole.

A. into his hole

B. scurried back

C. back into his hole

D. The gopher

What is the prepositional phrase? Daniel watched the smoke rise up the chimney.

A. up the chimney

B. watched the smoke

C. Daniel watched

D. rise up the chimney

What is the preposition? Under a warm blanket, Pam rested.

A. under

B. blanket

C. rested

D. Pam

What is the preposition? Angela fell asleep during class.

A. during

B. fell

C. asleep

D. class

What is the preposition? Andy drove around the block.

A. around

B. drove

C. block

D. Andy


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