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Modals "Should" Quiz


The sentence that express Regret is …

A. I am sorry, I should have arrived on time.

B. You performed better today, you should win this competition.

C. You should eat more vegetables.

D. You should do your homework.

Your nail is too long. You …..(cut) it.

A. Should have cut         

B. Should cut                  

C. Should not cut                  

D. should not have cut

I … (treat) her better when she was still by my side.

A. Should treat

B. Should treated

C. Should have treated

D. Should have treat

The formula Should + Simple to express, except …..

A. Obligations

B. Advice

C. Suggetion

D. Regret

If we want to express our regret, we can use the formula of …

A. Should + Simple

B. Should + Perfect

C. Should + Continous

D. Should + Past

Mother : we will have long weekends next week, what should we do ?
Laura : How about visiting grandma, Mom? I miss her so much.

The sentence “what should we do ?” is expression of asking for …

A. Regret

B. Opinion

C. Excpectation

D. Suggestion

What …. you give your grandmother for her birthday?

A. should

B. shouldn’t

C. are

….. I get Linda a necklace or a ring?

A. should

B. Do

C. Are

I’ve got a toothache.

A. You should eat sweets.

B. You should see the dentist.

C. You should smoke.

D. You should stay at home.

He broke his leg.

A. He shouldn’t eat meat.

B. He should watch TV at home.

C. He should go to work.

D.  He shouldn’t walk.

Choose the incorrect sentence.

A. What should I buy him?

B. Buy him a jacket.

C. They should get she a bracelet.

Rika: I have something problem with my best friend. I said bad thing to her.

Tiara :……………………………………..

A. You should come to her house and say sorry.

B. You should keep your best friend.

C. You should remind her mistakes.

D. You should give her advice.

We can use modal “should” to tell about, except ….

A. Advice and Expectation        

B. Regert and Opinion

C. Suggestion and Obligations

D. Orders and Imperative sentece

What … you make her?

A. are

B. did

C. am

D. X

Should we be running? We are almost late. This sentence use formula of …

A. Should + Simple

B. Should + Perfect

C. Should + Continous

D. Should + Past

My brother loves reading. I think you should give him a…


B. novel

C. bracelet

You look busy all day. I think you …(take) a rest for acwhile.

A. Should take

B. Should have taked

C. Should be taking

D. Should have take

You should wear a uniform to school. This sentence includes the expression of …

A. Expectation

B. Regret

C. Obligations

D. Opinion

It is rain today, It …(flood)

A. Should be flooding

B. Should not be flooding

C. Should not flood

D. Should flood

Choose the incorrect sentence.

A. You could get her a cookbook

B. What do you going to get your mother tomorrow?

C. How about a cookbook?

I need a present… my mother.

A. for

B. to

C. in

You _ go to the opera in London. It’s great.

A. should 

B. shouldn’t

Give your advice. What should I do to increase my English score!

A. You should not study hard.

B. You should call your English teacher

C. You should study hard

D. You should chaeating with your friend.

You _ cross the street at red traffic lights.

A. should

B. shouldn’t

Choose the incorrect sentence.

A. My mother tells a story to me last night.

B. You should bought her a book.

C. I didn’t make anything for my parents.

D. Have you ever make something for your parents?


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