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People can save money if they shop online because there are a lot of _____.

A. brands

B. designs

C. bargains

D. purchases

When the match ended, the football fans ran onto the _____.

A. park

B. pitch

C. course

D. track

Is that new player good? Well, he ______ a lot goals so far this season.

A. scored

B. has scored

C. had scored

D. has been scoring

You don’t need a new mobile. you _____ a new one last year.

A. bought

B. had bought

C. have bought

D. have been buying

Before they opened the shop, they painted it and _____ a new sign.

A. put on

B. put up

C. put away

D. passed up

The coach received an award for his _____ to the sport.

A. indication

B. promotion

C. sponsorship

D. contribution

The summer sales are a great opportunity for _____.

A. flea markets

B. market stalls

C. bargain hunters

D. window shopping

I ______ to a match for ages. Maybe I’ll go to one at the weekend.

A. have been

B. haven’t been

C. have gone

D. haven’t gone

Joe couldn’t wait to go to the skateboard park to _____ his new skateboard.

A. try out

B. try on

C. pay off

D. take to

Mum never buys new outfits. I know she ______ the same clothes for years

A. wears

B. wore

C. has been wearing

D. had been wearing

The coach chose the most _____ players for the school team.

A. loyal

B. efficient

C. promising

D. professional

As soon as the race started, the Jamaican _____ first position.

A. took

B. has taken

C. had taken

D. has been taking

By the time they got home, the girls _____ all their money.

A. spent

B. had spent

C. have spent

D. had been spending

Do you need a break? Yes, we ______ for an hour.

A. practised

B. had practised

C. had been practising

D. have been practising

This game is quite _____ because it teaches young children to read.

A. portable

B. compact

C. advanced

D. educational


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