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You don’t need a new mobile. you _____ a new one last year.

A. bought

B. had bought

C. have bought

D. have been buying

What do you call a plan where you can write your subjects, time, days for both at home and school?

A. school timetable

B. study space

C. organisation

D. study planner

Martin _________ early this morning

A. didn’t get up

B. didn’t got up

C. did gets up

what is the past participle of the word “dream”?

A. dream

B. dreamed/dreamt

C. dreamed

D. dreamt

They _________ a delicious dinner in the restaurant

A. had

B. got

C. did

We must not __________ the river by dumping dirty dishwater into it.

A. polluted

B. pollute

C. pollutes

D. polluting

They ________ Monopoly with their family

A. listened

B. played

C. stayed

Eat …….. high fat food is good for your health

A. much

B. more

C. less

D. a lot

I have just had __________ great idea.

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. x

Students use the library’s computers to get access ____ the Internet.

A. by

B. to

C. with

D. for

By the time they got home, the girls _____ all their money.

A. spent

B. had spent

C. have spent

D. had been spending

The coach received an award for his _____ to the sport.

A. indication

B. promotion

C. sponsorship

D. contribution

Rob eats a lot of fast food and he ……… on a lot of weight.

A. takes

B. puts

C. spends

D. brings

Eat lots of fish because it can ___ you smarter

A. make

B. happen

C. become

He was in bed when he heard something. Now he’s ___ and he can’t sleep.

A. asleep

B. fresh

C. awake

Most of the pupils are _____ to pass the examination.

A. enough good

B. good enough

C. too good

D. very good

Who _____________ to when your manager is on holiday?

A. do you report

B. are you reporting

Do more exercise ……… eat more fruit and vegetables.

A. but

B. or

C. and

D. so

She goes away _____ .

A. Often

B. A lot

I ______ to a match for ages. Maybe I’ll go to one at the weekend.

A. have been

B. haven’t been

C. have gone

D. haven’t gone

After working hard for hours, the farmers sat down and ___________ a short rest.

A. get

B. take

C. do

D. give

How much does it _____? $10.

A. Go

B. Cost

A lot of ___ people were waiting to see the doctor this morning.

A. awake

B. sick

C. smart

Choose the word with the correct spelling.

A. Acient

B. Ancint

C. Ancient

D. Ancent

We need to spend less time ……… computer games.

A. play

B. to play

C. playing

D. to playing


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