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Past Continuous vs Past Simple Quiz


When I woke up this morning, it was raining and my parents ______________ in the kitchen.

A. sang

B. was singing

C. were singing

Maggie ________ her horse when she hit the tree.

A. rode

B. was rideing

C. was riding

What word is missing? “She loves ___________ her bike”

A. Ride

B. Riding

C. Rode

D. Rides

Select the sentence in Past Simple

A. I was sleeping a nap that afternoon.

B. I went to the supermarket with my mom.

C. He likes doing sports

D. We are doing homework

He _________ dinner when the fire started.

A. cooked

B. was cooking

C. were cooking

Because she ________ Chinese class yesterday afternoon, she couldn’t go to Sarah’s birthday party.

A. had

B. was having

C. were having

When we ________ the giraffe at the zoo, we felt happy.

A. saw

B. was seeing

C. were seeing

When Jennifer _________, she was climbing the stairs.

A. tripped over

B. was tripped

C. was tripping

He was working late at work last night when he _______ asleep at his desk.

A. falled

B. fell

C. was falling

Did she __________ football last weekend?

A. Plays

B. Played

C. Play

D. Playing

She __________ a huge breakfast and drank a lot of coffee this morning.

A. ate

B. was eating

C. were eating

He was talking when the ball ________ him.

A. hit

B. was hitting

C. were hitting

I use past simple when the action is finished in the past.



Select the sentence in Past Continuous

A. I ran a marathon last year.

B. She reads a book

C. He is reading a magazine

D. I was watching TV last night

Because of the rain, we ______________ to the beach yesterday afternoon.

A. didn’t go

B. wasn’t going

C. weren’t going

Select the structure of a sentence in PAST CONTINUOUS

A. Subject + Verb (ED) + the whole sentence

B. Subject + Verb (S) + the whole sentence

C. Subject + WAS/WERE + Verb (ING) + the whole sentence

D. Subject + AM/IS/ARE + Verb (ING) + the whole sentence

Victoria ___________ when the earthquake hit.

A. went shopping

B. were shopping

C. was shopping

What word is missing? NEGATIVE: “I ___________ do my homework yesterday”

A. Did

B. Wasn’t

C. Didn’t

D. Weren’t

Marie ____________ late this morning, so she missed the first class.

A. waked up

B. woke up

C. was waking up

I ________________ when the teacher asked me a question. She was pretty angry.

A. didn’t listen

B. wasn’t listening

C. weren’t listening

I use past continuous to tell someone what I was doing in a period of time in the past.



What word is missing? NEGATIVE: She ____________ talking to her mom, she was talking to her dad.

A. Didn’t

B. Weren’t

C. Hadn’t

D. Wasn’t


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