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Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous Quiz


Before the firefighters saved the frightened kitten, they ________ bring a long ladder.

A. had had to

B. had been having to

C. had to

After the janitor ________ the gate, he brought the dangerous dogs too.

A. had locked

B. had been locking

C. had lock

Little Joe ________ his teeth by the time he went out.

A. had brushed

B. had been brushing

C. had brush

Before he talked to the psychologist, his feelings ________.

A. had been blocked

B. had been blocking

C. had been block

When they received the message, they ________ for half an hour.

A. had been studying

B. had studied

C. had study

I ________ about having a car until I got a rise.

A. hadn’t dreamed

B. hadn’t been dreaming

C. hadn’t dream

After the thunderstorm ________ we left the shelter.

A. had stopped

B. had been stopping

C. had stop

When the head teacher turned up, the students ________ for about 10 minutes.

A. had been fighting

B. had fought

C. had fight

We ________ in the garden for a long time when found the water hole.

A. had worked

B. had been working

C. had work

By the time they left the town, their mechanic ________ the van.

A. had been repairing

B. had repaired

C. had repair

Before the knight joined the army, he ________ fighting with a sword for some time.

A. had been practicing

B. had practiced

C. had practice

The football fans ________ the town for some time when the police arrived.

A. had been demolishing

B. had demolished

C. had demolish

When Tommy came up, the girls ________ for a long time.

A. had sung

B. had been singing

C. had sing

I ________ at home before my mother came.

A. hadn’t been

B. hadn’t been being

C. hadn’t be

By the time we got to the theatre, the play ___

A. had already started

B. had already been starting

C. had already start

When I came to the quay, our ship ________ for a few minutes.

A. had sailed

B. had been sailing

C. had sail

After the teacher ________ tests, the students started to write.

A. had handed out

B. had been handing out

C. had hand out

The footballer ________ the game until he was told to by the coach. 

A. hadn’t started

B. hadn’t been starting

C. hadn’t start

After they ________ the door, they saw that awful mess.

A. had opened

B. had been opening

C. had open

After he ________ the news, they burst into laughter.

A. had heard

B. had been hearing

C. had hear

When Peter ran across those obstacles, he ________ for two hours.

A. had been travelling

B. had travelled

C. had travel

When he got to the finish line, he ________ for three hours.

A. had been running

B. had run

C. had ran

I ________ for five hours when we arrived in the city.

A. had been driving

B. had driven

C. had drive

He ________ of being a basketball player before he had an accident.

A. had always thought

B. had always been thinking

C. had think

When the constable rushed into the street, the thieves ________ into the thin air.

A. had already vanished

B. had already been vanishing

C. had already vanish


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