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Past Tense (Regular and Irregular) Quiz


I _____ (hug) my teddy bear to sleep last night.

A. huged

B. hugged

C. hug

My brother has _____ (study) all the English topics taught for his upcoming Review Paper.

A. studied

B. studyed

C. studyied

Kate _____ (write) a story about unicorns last week.

A. writed

B. wrote

C. wroted

Violet _____ (catch) a fish from the pond on Monday.

A. caught

B. cought

C. catched

Zoe _____ (sleep) at 10 pm last night.

A. sleep

B. sleeped

C. slept

Sam, Tim and Joe _____ (race) to the finish line just now and Tim won!

A. race

B. raced

C. raceed

Susan _____ (cry) when she fell down.

A. cryed

B. cried

C. cryied

My sister and I _____ (laugh) as we watched a funny show yesterday.

A. laugh

B. laughed

C. laughd

My younger sister _____ (hide) in the cupboard during Hide-and-Seek yesterday.

A. hode

B. hided

C. hid

Tom accidentally _____ (skip) a question on the Math paper as he did not see it.

A. skip

B. skiped

C. skipped

Gina _____ (make) a birthday card for her best friend in July.

A. make

B. maked

C. made

“I _____ (know) it was my turn to answer the question during Zoom just now!” Lily told her mother.

A. know

B. knowed

C. knew


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