Grammar Quiz

V-ing/to-V Quiz


Promise + ?

A. To V

B. Ving

C. V

I don’t mind … you with the homework.

A. help

B. helping

C. to help

They spend their freetime ______ shopping.

A. go

B. going

C. to go

D. to going

Like/love/hate + ?

A. Ving/to V

B. to Ving

C. V-ed

This website will help you ______ English better.

A. learn

B. learning

C. learnt

Try + ? = cố gắng làm gì?

A. To V

B. Ving

Tom ______ gardening. He finds it really boring.

A. hates

B. likes

C. enjoys

D. prefers

Hanna is hooked ______ making origami.

A. with

B. on

C. in

D. from

Mr. Jackson suggested ____ a meeting this week.

A. having

B. to have

C. had

D. have

Mr. and Mrs. Lo plan ___ a big house. They want to live with their parents.

A. buy

B. buying

C. to buy 

D. bought

Shyn spends a lot of money ________ (repair) her car.

A. repair

B. to repair

C. repairing

D. to repairing

He didn’t remember ________ that novel and rent it again

A. seeing

B. to read

C. to study

D. reading

Let sb +

A. V

B. Ving

C. To Ving

D. to V

The Bear starts _____ nice to everyone.

A. to be

B. to being

C. is

D. was

Want + ?

A. To V

B. Ving

C. B

I prefer watching TV ____

A. than reading books

B. to read books

C. to reading books

D. than read books

Our aim is _____ the most comfortable chairs and sofas.

A. to be designed

B. to design

C. designed

D. designs

Forget + ? = nhớ phải làm gì (mang ý nghĩa tương lai)

A. Ving

B. To V

Try + ? = thử làm gì

A. To V

B. Ving

Andy likes _____ with his toys very much.

A. to plays

B. playing

C. to playing

D. plays

Do you plan __________ abroad after graduation?

A. study

B. to study

C. studying

D. studied

Mr. Potato Head wants _____ his ear back.

A. to find

B. finding

C. find

D. found

You must … your grandma at hospital.

A. visit

B. visiting

C. to visit

Would you like ______ out with me tonight?

A. eat

B. to eat

C. eating

D. eaten

Alice didn’t expect_______ to Bill’s party.

A. asking

B. being asked

C. to ask

D. to be asked


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