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Offer and Suggestion Quiz


A: What shall we do today?
B: _______________ we go to the beach. We have to refresh our mind after the midterm test

A. Why don’t

B. Shall

C. Would you

D. Let’s

A: Shall we have a picnic to Gembira Loka zoo?
B: ______________, we can see many animals there

A. I don’t think it’s good idea

B. It’s tiring activity

C. Ah It would be boring

D. That’s a good idea

Doni : I’m thinking of asking you for dinner
Loi : I’m free but ….

A. I’d like to come

B. There aren’t many papers to do

C. I’ll be there

D. I’ll have an appointment at the same time

E. You can invite others

Marta : It’s very hot here……
Sinta : Sure. No problem

A. Could you close the door?

B. Would you mind if I turn on the fan?

C. Would you turn off the fan?

D. May I leave now?

E. May you leave now?

Bobby: Shall I (carry) your luggage into your room?
Tom: Yes, please!

The word in the brackets has similar meaning with. . .

A. Leave

B. Drop

C. Bring

D. Dodge

“What do you advise me to do?”

The above phrase is the expression of?

A. asking for suggestion

B. response to a suggestion

C. giving suggestion

D. offering help

Linda is working on her homework, but she finds some difficult questions. What will you suggest her?

A. I think you should stop studying.

B. Maybe you can sleep now.

C. What if you drink to refresh yourself?

D. What about going to your friend’s house to study together?

____________ the washing, if you like

A. Can I

B. Should I

C. I’ll do

D. Would you

Mom: (Don’t talk too much while you’re eating!) It’s impolite Bill
Billy: I’m sorry mom
The sentence in the bracket express. . .

A. Complimenting

B. Suggesting

C. Offering

D. Requesting

Jinnie: _______________________
Sean: I’d love too, but I’ve an appointment with a client tomorrow

A. I’ll go to the fine art exhibition

B. The fine art exhibition was great!

C. How about going to the fine art exhibition tomorrow?

D. I’ll be grateful if I go to the fine art exhibition

You should speak to our teacher about this matter.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

I can do that for you If you don’t mind.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer

What is the best expression based on the picture?

A. May I offer some help to bring the box Miss?

B. Shall I put the box Miss?

C. I don’t need any help

D. Can you put the box?

Harry : Do you think I am fat?
Jenna : No, you are not. You are totally OK!
Harry : Everyone said so.
Jenna : Why don’t you listen to me and let it go?
Harry : Yeah, I think you are right.

From the dialogue above, Harry …

A. accepts Jenna’s suggestion

B. refuses Jenna’s suggestion

C. denies Jenna’s offer

D. offers Jenna’s a favor

om: Hei Jane! Where have you been?
Jane: Oh, hi Tom! I just brought 5 kilograms of apples in the market
Tom: Do you need some help to carry the apples?
Jane: __________________

The best respond to complete the dialog is. .

A. I don’t know

B. Why?

C. I’ll help you

D. Of course, that’s very kind of you

Sam: would you like to go watching a movie this weekend?”
Charly: “I can’t, I am low on cash right now. ……. stay at home and watch TV instead”

A. how about

B. let’s

C. what about

D. I think

Reni : Good morning, Rani. What are you doing?
Rani : Morning, I am cleaning the whiteboard. Today is my turn to clean it.
Reni : Can I clean the whiteboard for you?
Rani : No, __________________________________

A. thank you, I can handle it by myself.

B. I’d love to, I’m really grateful.

C. I couldn’t do it alone, believe me.

D. you can do it if you don’t mind.

E. it will help me much, thank you.

I think you should join an English course.

A. Suggestion

B. Offer


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