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Personal & Possessive Pronouns Quiz


Everyone is donating their old clothes. We are donating ____________ .

A. my

B. our

C. ours

D. their

He forgot to bring his passport, but Jasmine brought ____________.

A. his

B. her

C. hers

D. my

Mr Chung is strict with his children. ____________ are afraid of __________.

A. He, her

B. We, him

C. They, her

D. They, him

Ali and I are good friends. ___________ like to play football together.

A. They

B. She

C. He

D. We

Since you did not bring ________ umbrella, you can use ___________.

A. your, mine

B. your, my

C. you, mine

D. you, my

You must lock _________ bicycle.

A. your

B. you

C. mine

D. my

They don’t give _________ bags to us.

A. his

B. our

C. their

D. we

They came in a new Mercedes. Is it ____________?

A. them

B. their

C. theirs

D. you

I like his bag. ___________ bag is blue in colour.

A. Her

B. His

C. My

D. Their

The floral dress belongs to my sister. It is __________.

A. his

B. him

C. hers

D. theirs

Mr Wong has new smartphone. ______________ uses __________ to take pictures of beautiful scenery风景.

A. She, his

B. They, their

C. He, his

D. They, their

Ling Ling puts the torch in ____________ bag

A. her

B. his

C. their

D. them

My aunt is a seamstress裁缝师. _____________ sews clothes for people.

A. He

B. She

C. They

D. His

The girl is shy. __________ sits quietly in a corner.

A. He

B. She

C. Her

D. Him


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