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Present Simple & Present Continuous Quiz


What’s the structure of present continuous (wh- question)?

A. Question word + verb to be + subject +

B. Question word + do/does + subject + v.1?

C. Question word + verb to be + noun/pronoun?

D. Question word + verb to be + v.1?

He __________ (buy) that kind of book because he has already had it.

A. don’t buy

B. never buy

C. doesn’t buy

D. buys

She _________________ to New York next weekend.

A. is traveling

B. travels

You ….. like your sister.

A. look

B. looks

C. are looking

Well, this phone ________ (become) popular at this time.

A. becomes

B. is becomeing

C. is becoming

D. became

We ………… abroad this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A. aren’t going

B. go

C. goes

D. are going

Dan ……………………. basketball every Friday.

A. play

B. plays

C. is playing

I ……………….. board games .

A. enjoy

B. enjoys

C. am enjoying

Marie-Claude isn’t a Canadian. I ________ she comes from France.

A. believe

B. am believing

Who ______________________?

I guess for his mother.

A. does he wait for

B. is he waiting for

They are playing video games.

A. Present Simple

B. Present Continuous

What ______________________ for dinner tonight?

A. are we have

B. are we having

C. do we have

D. do we having

How many times a week _____ you _____ your bike?

A. does/ride

B. do/ride

C. are/riding

D. do/riding

She and her classmates ………. on holiday.

A. is going

B. are going

C. goes

D. go

I never ……………….. early on Sundays.

A. get up

B. gets up

C. am getting up

Be quiet! The baby ________________ .

A. sleep

B. is sleeping

I usually _______ to work, but today I ___________ the train. 

A. walk, am taking

B. walking, taking

C. am walking, am taking

D. walk, take

They ….. television at the moment.

A. are watching

B. is watching

C. watch

He sometimes goes fishing.

A. Present Simple

B. Present Continuous

Don’t go. Bob still _____________ to talk to you.

A. needs

B. is needing

I do my homework everyday.

A. Present Simple

B. Present Continuous

Laura ____ (work) the night shift on weekends.

A. work

B. works

C. is working

D. are working

……. you ….. tennis at the moment?

A. Are … playing

B. Do… play

C. Are …. play

He always goes to bed at 10 PM.

A. Present Simple

B. Present Continuous

Where is Tomas? ….. to some music in his room?

A. Does he listen

B. Is he listen

C. Is he listening


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