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Regular and Irregular Verbs Quiz


I _____ soccer with my friends yesterday.

A. play

B. played

C. playing

What are irregular verbs?

A. The ones that when chancged into past or past participle are totally changed or not change at all

B. The verb to be

C. They are verbs that can be divided into clauses

Irregular Verbs


A. went

B. ran

C. saw

D. slept

Irregular Verbs


A. took

B. wrote

The past tense of: climb

A. clumb

B. climbing

C. climbed

Simple Past

They_______(cry) a lot.

A. cryed

B. cried

C. skiped

D. skipped

The phone _____________ loudly yesterday.

A. rings

B. rang

C. ringed

What is the meaning of “take it easy” into Spanish?

A. Vamos al cine

B. ven a la casa

C. calmate

What is the action verb in the sentence?

Nathan bakes cookies for the holidays.

A. Nathan

B. bakes

C. cookies

D. holidays

Irregular Verbs


A. went

B. ran

C. saw

D. slept

The past tense of: do

A. does

B. don’t

C. did

How do you say comido into English?

A. eat

B. ate

C. eaten

What is the past of paint?

A. painted

B. painting

C. paint

Verbs in Past


A. came

B. ate

C. gave

D. brought

Translate the following sentence into Spanish: “I have gone to The United States many times since 2011”.

A. Yo viajo mucho a la Yusa

B. Yo he ido a los Estados demasiado ultimamente

C. Yo he ido a los Estados Unidos muchas veces desde 2011

My new car ___ making a terrible noise last Sunday.

A. starting

B. started

C. starts

What is the action verb in the sentence?

She is studying for her math test.

A. studying

B. math

C. test

D. she

Dad ___________ a cake yesterday.

A. make

B. maked

C. made

What is the past of read

A. read

B. readed

C. readet

In which tenses do we normally use past participle form?

A. into present continous

B. into simple present

C. Into present perfect and past perfect

What is the action verb in the sentence?

Children are reading books in the library.

A. in

B. the

C. children

D. reading

What is the past participle of put?

A. puting

B. puted

C. put

What is the action verb in the sentence?

Marcus watched television after school yesterday.

A. watched

B. television

C. yesterday

D. after

My brother ____________ the game yesterday.

A. win

B. won

C. winned

Mary ____________ in a bench yesterday.

A. sit

B. sat

C. sitted


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