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Reported Speech and Reporting Verbs Quiz


The music is too loud.I can’t sleep.

A. complained

B. threatened

C. said

”I see the clouds.”

He told me that she_____________the clouds.

A. sees

B. saw

C. is seeing

”Will you help me?”

A. She asked if I would help her

B. She asked if she would help me.

C. She asked if you would help her.

”Why don’t you buy a grammar book,Andrew?”

He suggested________________a grammar book.

A. Andrew buying

B. Andrew to buy

C. that Andrew should buy

He________of stealing the book.

A. accused me

B. admitted

C. denied

”He will come tomorrow.”

She told me that he_________the next day.

A. is coming

B. would come

C. will come

Let me help you with those bags.

A. begged

B. explained

C. offered

He warned _______careful

A. to be

B. us to be

C. being

I didn’t break the window.

A. denied

B. threatened

C. reminded

Please,mum!Let me go to the party.

A. promised

B. begged

C. advised

Will you remind me________the gas bill before the end of the month?

A. paying

B. to pay

C. to paying

”I have been there.”

She told me that she___________there.

A. had been

B. has been

C. was

”Can you call me a taxi?”

He asked_________a taxi.

A. the receptionist to call him

B. that the receptionist could call

C. the receptionist calling

”I get up every morning at seven o’clock.”

Peter said_______every morning at seven o’clock.

A. I got up

B. he had got up

C. he got up

”Shall I give you a hand with the cleaning?”

He offered________with the cleaning

A. that he gave a hand

B. that we would give a hand

C. to give a hand


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