Grammar Quiz


Most of the students _____ these days.

A. doesn’t smoke

B. won’t smoke

C. isn’t smoking

D. don’t smoke

Choose the word that is not a pronoun.
A. is
B. me
C. he
D. they

I can’t study here because it’s ___________________. It isn’t quiet enough.

A. too noisy

B. noisy enough

At the beginning of the paragraph, you should ___________, or leave a space.
A. indent
B. use punctuation
C. start with a capital letter

Cats normally_______ very well in darkness.

A. will see

B. saw

C. see

D. do

Waiter! This soup isn’t warm _____________ . Can you please warm it up?

A. too

B. enough

C. quite

D. quiet

I _____ go to the cinema with you if you don’t buy me some snacks.

A. won’t

B. don’t

“Where is George?”

“He _____ a shower.”
A. has

B. have

C. will have

D. is having

Choose the correct form for Passive Voice
Someone is knocking at the door
A. The door was being knocked at.
B. The door are being knocked at.
C. The door is going to be knocked at.
D. The door is being knocked at.

You will remember us, ………………..?

A. Will you

B. Willn’t you

C. won’t you

D. aren’t you


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