Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz


Although it was cold and the rain was getting heavier, we decided to go fishing as planned.

A. Compound complex sentence

B. Complex sentence

C. Simple sentence

D. Compound sentence

Tea that is caffeinated usually keeps me up at night.

A. essential

B. nonessential

Which conditional type does this structure belong to?
if + had + PII, S + would have + PII

A. Type 1

B. type 2

C. type 3

D. mixed conditional

John_______his driving test.

A. passed

B. made

C. succeded

Which sentence is correctly punctuated?

A. Kevin is older but Meg is taller.

B. Kevin is older, but Meg is taller.

Would you like …………….. glass of juice?

A. any

B. some

C. the

D. a

The earthquake ………. many buildings in the town.
A. destroyed
B. disappeared
C. left

Many car accidents _______ by dangerous driving.

A. cause

B. is caused

C. are caused

D. were caused

One of _____ best teachers that I had was Saudi.

A. the

B. some

C. nothing

Select the correct preposition.

There is a small cottage _________ my farm.
A. beside

B. besides

C. to

D. since

Frankenstein is the novel _____________ the writer Mary Shelley is most famous.

A. which

B. where

C. for which

D. when

This tea is really cold, you ________ heat it.

A. has to

B. must to

C. have that

D. should

Leon passed a note to his girlfriend.

A. direct object

B. indirect object

C. subject

D. adverb

Have you ever ______ Japanese food?

A. eaten

B. ate

C. eat

D. eating

Which dialogue sentence is properly punctuated?
A. Mom asked, “How did the test go today?”
B. Mom asked, “How did the test go today”?
C. Mom asked “How did the test go today?”
D. “Mom asked, How did the test go today?”

In our, _____ harmony is a way of life.

A. countries

B. nations

C. country

D. islands

The street was too ………. for the big truck to drive down.
A. short
B. narrow
C. long
D. wide

Are you free tomorrow?

Sorry. I __ study for the exam.

A. am going to

B. will

Please do not forget to take your ID card with you. It will be ……………………. thing in the exam room.

A. more necessary

B. the least necessary

C. less necessary

D. the most necessary

E. as necessary as

Thomas has to wash his car. It’s ___________________. It’s not clean enough.

A. dirty enough

B. too dirty

Choose the correct answer

A. The two women are carrying bags on their backs.

B. The tea plantation is on flat ground.

C. Tea grows well on the hill slopes

D. The two women are plucking the flowers.

______ she stay at dormitory?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Where

D. What

Which sentence has the same meaning with:

I’m almost as tall as you are.

A. You and I have the same height.

B. You are a little taller than I am.

C. You are much taller than I am.

The little boy tied his shoelaces by ________.

A. hisself

B. himself

C. herself

You…………………..  touch that dog – he can be dangerous if he doesn’t know you.

A. don’t have to

B. mustn’t

C. can’t


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