Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Continuous Tense Quiz


He __________ in the pool with his family.

A. is swimming

B. am swimming

C. are swimming

I __________ a movie now.

A. is watching

B. are watching

C. am watching

The chef __________ .

A. am cooking

B. is cooking

C. are cooking

Daylan and Adam __________ on stage now.

A. am dancing

B. is dancing

C. are dancing

I __________ a blue skirt today.

A. is wearing

B. am wearing

C. are wearing

Which sentence is correct?

A. The girl are drinking water.

B. The girl is drinking water.

C. The girl am drinking water.

The bird __________ on the tree.

A. are sitting

B. is sitting

C. am sitting

It __________ heavily now.

A. is raining

B. am raining

C. are raining

Which sentence is correct?

A. Mahdi is running.

B. Mahdi are running.

C. Mahdi am running.

My little brother __________ .

A. am crying

B. is crying

C. are crying

We __________ English now.

A. is learning

B. are learning

C. am learning

Laila __________ a book.

A. is reading

B. am reading

C. are reading

They __________ playing football.

A. is playing

B. am playing

C. are playing

My cat __________ on the chair.

A. am sleeping

B. are sleeping

C. is sleeping

I __________ in the park now.

A. is walking

B. am walking

C. are walking

Elsa __________ a snow castle.

A. am making

B. are making

C. is making


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