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Conditionals III - Mixed 1st, 2nd & 3rd Conditionals Quiz


If Emilio …, tell him I’ll be back in an hour.

A. will call

B. call

C. called

D. calls

If I were Lynn, I wouldn’t speak to Dave.

A. I advise Lynn not to speak to Dave.

B. I would like to speak to Dave.

C. Although Lynn wants to speak to Dave, I don’t.

If I knew how to relax, I … a happier person.

A. am

B. would be

C. will be

D. would’ve been

If you take Henry’s advice, you … in trouble.

A. will be

B. being

C. been

D. would be

If John … more careful, he wouldn’t get so many traffic fines.

A. will be

B. had been

C. was

If you had taken my advice, you … in trouble.

A. shouldn’t have been

B. wouldn’t have been

C. couldn’t have been

D. wouldn’t be

If Mark hadn’t gone to the casino, he wouldn’t have lost so much money.

A. Mark doesn’t have much money because he went to the casino.

B. Mark doesn’t have much money, but it’s nothing to do with going to the casino.

C. Mark makes a lot of money when he goes to the casino.

No one … the truth if Dan hadn’t revealed it.

A. would have know

B. would have knew

C. would know

D. would have known

If James … me a lie, I would have been very angry.

A. told

B. tells

C. would’ve told

D. had told

Will you be upset if I … out by myself tonight?

A. go

B. will go

C. would go

D. went


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