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‘I’m working this Sunday’

A. Past Simple

B. Future Perfect

C. Present Continuous

D. Future Simple

I (see) her before somewhere- I (know).

A. had seen/ knew

B. saw/ had known

C. saw/ knew

D. had seen/ had known

My father…a great man.

A. are

B. is

C. be

D. am

We use this tense to show anaction that started in the past and continues in the present.

A. past simple

B. past continuous

C. present perfect

D. present simple

She couldn’t find the book that I (lend) her.

A. had lended

B. had lent

C. lended

D. lent

After many years working and saving, Mr Clark … all the money he needed to take all his family to the United States.

A. saved

B. was saving

C. had saved

The last time they were in Paris was in 2003.

A. They weren’t in Paris since 2003.

B. They hadn’t been in Paris since 2003.

C. They haven’t been in Paris since 2003.

D. They haven’t been in Paris from 2003.

On June 20th I will return home. I …………….. away from home for two years by that time.

A. will be

B. will have been

C. will have been being

D. will already been

Will Yong Syeah play basketball _____________?

A. tomorrow

B. every day

C. last week

D. yesterday

We use this tense to show an action that was happening at an exact moment in the past.

A. past simple

B. past continuous

C. present simple

D. present continuous

They _____him to make his decision as quickly as possible because they_____ arrangements tomorrow.

A. were pressing – have been finalizing

B. are pressing – finalized

C. have pressed – finalized

D. have been pressing – are finalizing

I and Kenny____________ friends since I____________ Singapore.

A. were-visited

B. have been-visited

C. were-have visited

This happened about ten years ago. I _______________ with a college friend, Sarah, in the country.

A. was staying

B. stayed

C. had stayed

D. had been staying

He hasn’t done his homework yet

A. Present Simple

B. Present Continuous

C. Present Perfect Continuous

D. Present Perfect

71 days after being left, Ricky was found by the farmer. He … more than 50 kg in weight during his time in the bush.

A. ‘d lost

B. was losing

Have you ever ……to Culcutta.

A. Gone

B. Been

C. Went

D. Go

(you / hurt)__________ your knee when you were playing football?

A. have you hurt

B. Do you hurt

C. Did you hurt

D. Were you hurting

When the change is introduced, the law will require that every schoolchild, of whatever so class, _____a national exam on leaving the secondary school. The score will then be used by universities

A. was taking

B. take

C. had taken

D. took

A: Where_____ when I when I_____you at the station yesterday? – B: To Southampton

A. did you go – saw

B. did you go – see

C. have you gone – saw

D. were you going – saw

When I entered the classroom the pupils … the text.

A. were writing

B. wrote

What does this word ___ ?

A. meaning

B. is meaning

C. mean

Right now I am attending an English class. Yesterday at this time I __________class

A. attended

B. had attended

C. was attending

D. am attending

Jann _______(work) hard all day but she __________(not work) at the moment

A. works/ is not working

B. work/ work

C. is working/ works

D. works/ works

It was a nice day and the sun ___.

A. shined

B. was shining

C. shaned

D. had shined

Joan ___a school prefect.

A. isnot

B. doesn’t

C. isn’t

D. are not


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