Grammar Quiz

Tenses Quiz


The sun ___________________ at 6:38 yesterday morning (rise)

A. rises

B. is rising

C. risen

D. rose


Sara was _____________ (run) because she was late for her classes.
A. ran

B. run

C. runs

D. running

Jane _____________ when she comes home, because she ______________________ over 24 hours.

A. will be very tired – will have been flying

B. will have been being very tired – will have flown

C. is going to be very tired – will have flown

D. will have been being very tired – will have been flying

They ____ (not/do) their homework yesterday at 3 o’clock

A. was not doing

B. were not doing

C. was not do

You ________ for the test, so you were very nervous.

A. hasn’t been stydying

B. hadn’t studyed

C. hadn’t studied

D. weren’t studying

My parents ____ (work) when I came home.

A. My parents was work when I came home.

B. My parents were work when I came home.

C. My parents was working when I came home.

D. My parents were working when I came home.

The company ________________ the the contract for two months by June.

A. will have been negotiated

B. will have been negotiating

C. won’t be negotiating

D. isn’t going to negotiate


Please ring me up as soon as he ____________ (arrive)
A. arriving

B. arrived

C. arrive

D. arrives

I’m afraid the books you ordered………….. by Friday.

A. won’t have arrived

B. won’t have been arriving

C. will have arrived

D. will have been arriving

While Bill _________basketball, his mother ______home.

A. was playing,came

B. am playing,will come

C. plays,comes

D. played,came

It ______ since 9 o’ clock

A. will rain

B. will be raining

C. rained

D. has been raining

I promise that I ___________________ this secret to anyone (not tell)

A. am not telling

B. will not tell

C. didn’t tell

D. tell

I ___________________ a wonderful film in the cinema last night. (see)

A. seen

B. saw

C. am seeing

D. see


The weather (be) ____________ strangely fine this morning when I opened the windows.
A. is

B. am

C. was

D. should

The police ______ four thieves last night.

A. was catching

B. caught

C. is catching

D. will catch

We were late for the plane because we ________ our passports.

A. hadn’t forgotten

B. had forgot

C. forgot

D. had forgotten


The phone rang while I ________________ dinner.
A. had

B. was having

C. am having

D. will have

All the students ________ the class work when the teacher came in.

A. are doing

B. were doing

C. will be doing

D. have done

Choose the proper sentence

A. He has already seen that film

B. He already saw that film

C. He have already seen that film

D. He already has seen that film

she __________ (go) into town every week.

A. goes

B. go

C. will go

D. is going

They ___________________ to the movies only once in a while (go)

A. has gone

B. have gone

C. go

D. are going

Shhh! Someone ___________________ to our conversation (listen)

A. is listening

B. listen

C. listens

D. are listening


She __________ with her parents in London.
A. lived

B. lives

C. living

D. live

Choose the sentence

A. She is drinking coffee

B. She drink coffee

C. She drinks coffee

D. She drank coffee

When do we use simple present tense?

A. When an action has happened.

B. When an action is happening right now.

C. When an action may happen in the future.


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