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Tenses Quiz


My arms are aching now because ____________ since 2 o’clock.

A. I’m swimming

B. I swam

C. I swim

D. I’ve been swimming

Max ___________________ at an Internet café this summer.

A. worked

B. is working

C. work

D. had worked

Everybody …………………… to sleep.

A. has already gone

B. already went

C. is already going

D. goes already

Now, he ……….. ( watch ) Tv.

A. watches

B. watched

C. were watching

D. is watching

Where’s Robert? __________ a shower?

A. Does he have

B. Has he

C. Has he got

D. Is he having

At this time tomorrow __________ over the Atlantic.

A. we’re flying

B. we’ll be flying

C. we’ll fly

D. we’re to fly

Columbus…….America more than 400 years ago.


B-has discovered

C-had discovered

D-he has gone

I wish Tom …….. so far away from the bus station.

A. live

B. didn’t live

C. lived

How many games….. your team (win) so far this season?

A. is your team win

B. has your team won

C. have your team won

D. does your team win

Ravi ……..the newspaper when the phone rang.

A. Was reading

B. Had been reading

C. Read

D. Is reading

Last summer, I ____fishing with my uncle in the afternoon.

A. gone

B. went

C. go

D. is going

I …….Louisiana State University.

A-am attending


C-was attending


Everyone……………………for a club in town.

A. has already left

B. has left already

C. already leaves

D. already left

Listen! My baby is __________.

A. cried

B. crying.

C. cry

D. is crying

Let’s go for another swim after we …….. this drink.

A. are going to finish

B. finish

C. wil finish

D. will have finished

The headmaster ……………… to talk to you.

A. want

B. is wanting

C. wants

D. have wanted

We were late for the plane because we ________ our passports.

A. hadn’t forgotten

B. had forgot

C. forgot

D. had forgotten

The boy fell while he ____ down the stairs. 

A. run

B. running

C. was running

D. runs

My father _________ the car yesterday.

A. wash

B. washes

C. washed

D. washing

My father usually ________ me English on Saturday evenings

A. teach

B. teaches

C. teaching

D. has taught

By the end of next year, Geoge ________ English for 2 years.

A. will have learned

B. will learn

C. has learned

D. would learn

On June 20th I will return home. I …………….. away from home for two years by that time.

A. will be

B. will have been

C. will have been being

D. will already been

We never ____________ TV in the morning.

A. watching

B. watches

C. watch

Mary usually ___________ me on Fridays.

A. have called

B. calls

C. is calling

D. called

It seems that whenever I travel abroad, I ………………. him to look at my throat.

A. will ask

B. asked

C. will have asked

D. ask


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