Grammar Quiz

To Infinitive or Gerund Quiz


Kay and Martin agreed_______ (go) and see a film together.

A. to go

B. going

my husband gave up ____ (smoke) because it is harmful.

A. to smoke

B. smoking

George decided ___ (take) the bus to town.

A. to take

B. taking

Finally we managed ___ (finish) the work.

A. to finish

B. finishing

Do you fancy ___ (come) to my house for dinner tomorrow?

A. to come

B. coming

My neighbour is so nice. He usually offers ___ (give) me a lift to school.

A. to give

B. giving

I really can’t stand ___ (wait) for the bus.

A. to wait

B. waiting

Jason expects ___ (go) with Sally to the concert.

A. to go

B. going

Don’t forget ___ (turn) off the lights.

A. to turn

B. turning

I’d like ___ (arrive) on time.

A. to arrive

B. arriving

I can’t help_____ (eat) chocolate when I’m stressed.

A. to eat

B. eating

I don’t mind ___ (help) my sister with her homework.

A. to help

B. helping

Who suggested ___ (see) a film tonight?

A. to see

B. seeing

Why did Kate refuse ___ (help) you?

A. to help

B. helping

Our students are practising ___ (speak) English.

A. to speak

B. speaking

He demanded ___ (speak) to the manager.

A. to speak

B. speaking

The cartoon was such hillarious that I couldn’t help ___ (laugh) .

A. to laugh

B. laughing

Sara always avoids ___ (ask) her parents for money.

A. to ask

B. asking

My family are considering ___ (move) to Spain.

A. to move

B. moving

We hope ___ ( get) a good job after leaving school.

A. to get

B. getting


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