Grammar Quiz

First & Second Conditional Quiz


If the children don’t eat soon, they ____ grumpy.

A. will be

B. would be

C. are

If she ____ her laptop with her, she would email me.

A. have

B. will have

C. had

If you arrived early, it ___ less stressful.

A. will be

B. would be

C. was

We _______ the keys if we don’t look for them.

A. will never find

B. would never find

C. never find

If I ____ to bed soon, I will be tired in the morning.

A. don’t go

B. didn’t go

C. won’t go

If you ______ the job, you should tell her.

A. didn’t want

B. don’t want

C. won’t want

If José ____ good French, he won’t move to Paris.

A. doesn’t speak

B. didn’t speak

C. won’t speak

If she goes to the library, she ____ more.

A. will study

B. studies

C. would study

Will we go to the beach if the weather ______ OK?

A. is

B. were

C. was

If I want a new car, I ____ one.

A. will buy

B. would buy

C. buy

If Lucy had enough time, she ____ more.

A. would travel

B. will travel

C. traveled

He ____ depressed if he fails the exam.

A. will be

B. would be

C. is

If the teacher gives us lots of homework this weekend, I ____ happy.

A. won’t be

B. wouldn’t be

C. am not

Tell me the truth if you ____.

A. could

B. will

C. can

If it ____ for Tom, I wouldn’t be here.

A. weren’t

B. isn’t

C. won’t be

If she ____ to the meeting, I won’t go either.

A. doesn’t go

B. didn’t go

C. won’t go

Our lives would be much easier if you ____ closer to home.

A. worked

B. would work

C. work

If John ___ too much coffee, he will get ill.

A. drink

B. drinks

C. drank

You should call me if you ____ anything unusual.

A. will see

B. see

C. saw

If the children ____in bed, I would be able to have a bath.

A. was

B. were

C. are

If you had a bigger salary, you ____ more unnecessary things.

A. buy

B. will buy

C. would buy

If you _____ free tonight, we might go out for a drink, or to the cinema.

A. will be

B. are

C. would be

If you ____ so stubborn, we wouldn’t have so many arguments.

A. wasn’t

B. weren’t

C. aren’t

If they had this player, they ____ a single match.

A. didn’t lose

B. won’t lose

C. wouldn’t lose


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