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First and Second Conditional Quiz


If I ____(go) out tonight, I____ (go) to the cinema.

A. go, will go

B. went, would go

C. go, would go

D. went, will go

if the weather ____ tomorrow, we ____ to the zoo.

A. is, will go

B. are, will go

C. will be, will go

D. is, will went

If she ____ a doctor, she would give me medicine.

A. will be

B. was

C. were

D. is

If I practiced piano more, I ____ classical music.

A. plays

B. would play

C. will play

D. played

If I ____ perfect English, I’d have a better job.

A. speak

B. speaks

C. spoke

D. will speak

If we ____ in Mexico, I’d speak Spanish

A. livied

B. live

C. lived

D. lives

If you ____ the math test, Your parents will be angry.

A. do not pass

B. does not pass

C. did not pass

D. will not pass

If you make lunch, I ____ the dishes.

A. will washes

B. washes

C. will wash

D. wash

You ____ fat if you eat hamburgers every day.

A. get

B. will get

C. will getting

D. gets

Is this sentences in 1st or 2nd conditional?

if you stay up late tonight, you will be tired in tomorrow.

A. 1st conditional

B. 2nd conditional

Meg will be sick if she ____ (eat) a lot of chocolates.

A. will eat

B. eats

C. eating

D. eat

If it rains, I _____ an umbrella.

A. take

B. will take

C. would take

D. takes

Is this sentence using second or first conditional?

If I had enough money, I’d buy a big house.

A. 2nd Conditional

B. 1st conditional.

is this sentences in 1st or 2nd conditional?

If I were rich, I would not have to work anymore.

A. Second conditional

B. First conditional

If I did not study online, I ____ to school every day.

A. went

B. will go

C. would go

D. goes

If I ____ (not/go) to bed early, I ____ (be) tired tomorrow.

A. don’t go, would be

B. didn’t go, would be

C. don’t go, will be

D. didn’t go, be

If you ____ Italian food, I would eat lunch with you.

A. would cook

B. will cook

C. cooks

D. cooked


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