Zero & First Contidional Quiz


They will buy the new iphone
A. if they write the report.
B. if the secretary makes coffee.
C. if they are on vacation.
D. if they have money.

If you heat water to 100 C, it …

A. boils

B. boil

C. will boil

If we find a cheap car for sale,
A. we will go to the movies.
B. we will buy it immediately.
C. we will see you on Friday.
D. we will take a bus.

If I have problems with the new software,
A. I will call the computer programmer.
B. I will take vitamins.
C. I will steal a computer.
D. I will drive my car.

If you don’t eat, you …
A. die
B. would die
C. will die

If he doesn´t take his medicine,
A. he will be happy.
B. he will work a lot.
C. he will be very sick.
D. he will be healthy.

You get burned if you … a fire. 
A. will touch
B. are going to touch
C. touch

My mom won’t give me permission to go to the party
A. if I am happy.
B. if I read the Bible.
C. if I don’t finish my homework.
D. if I clean my room.

If you don’t eat breakfast,
A. you will win the game.
B. you will die.
C. you will be hungry soon.
D. you will study for the exam.

Unless you ask him, you … know the answer,
A. will
B. won’t 
C. can


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