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[ Modal Verbs ]

Choose the modal that shows a possibility and would best complete the following sentence:

We _________ be late for the party if you don’t hurry!

A. Should

B. Can

C. Would

D. Might

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Juno : Kate, can you tell me where Dony’s house is?
Kate : Just go along Cempaka street. His house is next to Abby Laundry.

From the dialogue we know that …

A. They will go to Doni’s house

B. Juno doesn’t knows where Doni’s house is

C. Kate a doesn’t know where Doni’s house is

D. Dony’s house is quite far from Abby Laundry

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If you _____ (lend) him some money, he may not _____ (give) it back to you.

A. lend , give

B. lend , gives

C. lend , gave

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