Grammar Quiz

Ability Quiz


The baby _______ yet. He is just learning to walk.

A. cannot eat

B. cannot run

C. cannot say “mama”

D. cannot cry

I am young and healthy. I _____ well.

A. can walk

B. can sleep

C. can sit

D. can speak

Look! The boy is drowning! He _______!

A. can swim

B. cannot swim

C. can walk

D. cannot walk

My brother’s English is very good. He ______ well.

A. can swim

B. can speak English

C. can walk

D. can run

Diaz: “Can you swim, Ivan?”
Ivan: “_____. I don’t know how to swim.”

A. Yes, I can

B. No, I can’t

C. Yes, I do

D. No, I don’t

my grandfather is old. He ______ fast.

A. can walk

B. cannot walk

C. can run

D. cannot sleep

My sister is a great dancer. She _____ beautifully.

A. can sing

B. can speak

C. can act

D. can dance

Tia : “Can you jump high with a trampoline?”
Tio : “__________. I can jump really high!”

A. Yes, I can

B. No, I cannot

C. Yes, I do

D. No, I don’t

The little boy ________ a bike well. He is still learning.

A. can walk

B. can run

C. can ride

D. can swim

Dita : “Can you speak English?”
Dewi: “______. But only a little.

A. Yes, I can

B. No I cannot

C. Yes, I am

D. No, I am not


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