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Pronouns and Subject Verb Agreement Quiz


Somebody in the audience ___________ on his cell phone during the movie.

A. talk

B. talks

It________ cooler this evening.

A. seem

B. seems

All of the team _____________ to play their best in the game.

A. want

B. wants

Our parents always __________ us to drink plenty of water on hot days.

A. remind

B. reminds

Many of the fish _____________ swimming around us in the warm water.

A. is

B. are

Both of the books _______________ very interesting because they have action and adventure.

A. is

B. are

I (does, do) my homework faithfully.

A. does

B. do

No one ____________ an outdoor party in a thunderstorm!

A. plans

B. plan

She ________ to go shopping and _________ to purchase two pairs of shoes.

A. plans, wants

B. plan, wants

C. plans, want

D. plan, want

Either the den or the master bedroom (are, is) a good place for bookshelves.

A. are

B. is

It _______ for sale because the couple already has ten puppies.

A. are

B. is

Hooray! Several of my drawings ________ displayed in the school art exhibit!

A. are

B. is

He is in two of my classes and always ______ his homework.

A. do

B. does

Neither of my sisters use common sense when ______ are left home alone.

A. she

B. they

Those concert tickets ________ expensive.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. have

Any of those teams ___________ a chance to make the tournament.

A. has

B. have

You ______ very happy to see them ______ the party.

A. looks, attend

B. look, attends

C. look, attend

D. looks, attends

They _______ honored guests.

A. is

B. are

When we ____ to work, they _____ on their job responsibilities.

A. go, focuses

B. goes, focus

C. goes, focuses

D. go, focus

A person should choose _______ friends carefully.

A. their

B. them

C. his or her

D. its

Several of the athletes ___________ every day after school.

A. practice

B. practices

One of the squirrels ______________ for acorns to eat on the snow covered ground.

A. looks

B. look

We ________ driving to Maracas Bay last weekend.

A. was

B. were

We (is, are) reading about space travel.

A. is

B. are

Someone usually _________ extra blankets to the stadium on cold nights.

A. brings

B. bring


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