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Adverbs and Adjectives Quiz


The worm is ………… the apples.

A. Under

B. Above

C. Between

D. Behind

A: Do you see Brian?

B: Oh, I think he is hiding. He is …….. a tree.

A. on

B. in front of

C. in

D. behind

Which sentence is TRUE?

A. Adjectives are action words.

B. Adjectives describe nouns.

C. Adverbs always end in “—ly.”

D. Adverbs name a person or a place.

Q: What time is it?
A: It is 9 o’clock.
Q: Oh, thank you. Where do you see the clock?
A: You’re welcome. It is ……….. the wall.

A. in

B. on

C. beside

D. behind

Which sentence is correct?

A. The bird signs cheerfully outside.

B. The squirrel sleeps quiet in a tree.

C. Tha bat flies speedy out the cave.

D. The ants march slow in the grass.

What is the adverb in this sentence? “Moby runs swiftly along the hard, rocky path.”

A. Moby

B. swiftly

C. rocky

D. path

Which sentence has an adverb?

A. I always eat breakfast.

B. She skips to school.

C. He rides his red bike.

D. The weather is warm.

What can you see from the picture?

A. There are seven mangosteens in the basket.

B. There is seven mangosteens under the basket.

C. There are seven mangosteens behind the basket.

D. There is seven mangosteens in front of the basket.

Which word is an adjective?

A. kicking

B. always

C. pepper

D. sweet

Which sentence has an adjective?

A. They see two little kittens.

B. He always takes the bus.

C. She found a quarter.

D. I do not like the insects.

Which word is an adverb?

A. slowly

B. pretty

C. sticky

D. funny


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