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Adverb of Manner Quiz


The cat roughly licked the tiny kitten.

A. licked

B. cat

C. roughly

García Márquez is one of my favourite novelists. I think he writes ___.

A. beautiful

B. beautifuly

C. beautifully

When I broke my leg, my friend Pam ___ offered to do the shopping for me.

A. kindly

B. kindely

C. kind

The teacher spoke so ___ that the class couldn’t hear her.

A. quietly

B. quietely

C. quiet

D. soft

The frog swam lazily in the green pond.

A. swam

B. frog

C. lazily

We lost the football match 4-2 yesterday. I don’t think we played ___.

A. bad

B. wrong

C. badly

D. worse

The cow slowly chewed the delicious, green clover.

A. cow

B. chewed

C. slowly

You drive quite ___ . I won’t be surprised if you have an accident one day!

A. dangerously

B. dangerous

C. more dangerous

D. dangerly

She takes the eggs ___________ so that she doesn’t drop them.

A. quickly

B. carefully

C. continuously

D. frequently

Morelos acted ____ in the site of Cuautla.

A. heroic

B. heroicly

C. heroically

D. heroicaly

Sam ate his food swiftly.

A. food

B. swiftly

C. ate

The baby carefully blinked his eyes in the bright light.

A. eyes

B. baby

C. carefully

The dog howled sadly in the rain.

A. howled

B. dog

C. sadly

Identify the adverb of manner:

The girl ran quickly through the rain.

A. ran

B. quickly

C. rain

In 1483, King Richard III of England ___ killed his two young nephews.

A. secret

B. secretive

C. secretly

D. secretively

“You’re late!” said Olga ___ . “Where have you been?”

A. angrier

B. angrily

C. angry

D. angryly

This is a very important question. Please think ___ before you answer.

A. careful

B. carefuly

C. carefully

Mandy sang joyfully in the shower.

A. joyfully

B. shower

C. Mandy

Mom packed the dishes away quietly.

A. packed

B. dishes

C. quietly


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