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Adverb of Manner Quiz


As usual, Maria ______ finished the test and got a perfect score.

A. easily

B. carelessly

C. suddenly

Rewrite the sentences using one of the adverbs.

My sister plays the piano _____ because she has no musical talents.

A. fluently

B. loudly

C. badly

D. energetically

Identify the adverb of manner:

The girl ran quickly through the rain.

A. ran

B. quickly

C. rain

The twins played…in the park.

A. angry

B. Happily

We waited _______ for the bus to arrive.

A. patiently

B. promptly

C. punctually

The teacher spoke so ___ that the class couldn’t hear her.

A. quietly

B. quietely

C. quiet

D. soft

The archer has waited for so long. He is very ________ (sleepy).

A. sleepily

B. sleepy

C. sleepyly

Alex … eats fast food because it is unhealthy.

A. never

B. often

C. always

D. usually

There are …………………………. other students auditing for the school play.

A. really

B. not enough

C. enough

D. too

This is a very important question. Please think ___ before you answer.

A. careful

B. carefuly

C. carefully

The cat roughly licked the tiny kitten.

A. licked

B. cat

C. roughly

García Márquez is one of my favourite novelists. I think he writes ___.

A. beautiful

B. beautifuly

C. beautifully

Check the alternative where the position of the adverb is correct.

A. She responded the questions politely.

B. She made quickly the dinner.

C. She opened carefully the door.

Mandy sang joyfully in the shower.

A. joyfully

B. shower

C. Mandy

The sun shone…..through the window

A. overcast

B. Brightly

You really shouldn’t speak too _________________ (fast).

A. fast

B. fasttly

C. fastly

D. fasty

The children in the choir sang…..

A. Excitedly

B. Lazy

Kate did …………………………. study for the exam, so she’s feeling nervous.

A. really

B. not enough

C. enough

D. too

Morelos acted ____ in the site of Cuautla.

A. heroic

B. heroicly

C. heroically

D. heroicaly

Choose the best adverb: The ballerina moved _______ as she danced.

A. softly

B. politely

C. gracefully

The summer campy experience was …………………………. amazing.

A. really

B. not enough

C. enough

D. too

Kendo plays very______. He is a ______  player.

A. good-well

B. well-good

We lost the football match 4-2 yesterday. I don’t think we played ___.

A. bad

B. wrong

C. badly

D. worse

Maria was ____ upset by her low grade because she is an excellent student.

A. clearly

B. surprisingly

C. hopefully

Yesterday I wanted to go into town. It was …far to walk, and so I decided to get the bus.

A. really

B. not enough

C. enough

D. too


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