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Grammar: Simple Past and Past Continuous Quiz


While I ______ (take) a shower, my cell phone _____ (ring)

A. was taking / was ringing

B. was taking / rang

C. took / was ringing

D. took / rang

There are two pieces of chocolates left. I’ll take one and you take _____

A. other

B. the other

C. another

D. one

Some universities give computers to their students. _____ universities don’t.

A. the other

B. another

C. other

D. all

That’s their problem – not _____ .

A. my

B. her

C. our

D. ours

In France, people speak French, Belgium is _____ country where people speak French.

A. another

B. other

C. the other

D. others

What time do you go to ____ work?

A. the

B. a

C. ⊘

My father ______ (cook) when I _____ (get) home.

A. was cooking / got

B. was cooking / was getting

C. cooked / was getting

D. cooked / got

I found one earring – do you know where _____ one is

A. another

B. other

C. the other

D. the

You look tired. I think you should go to _____ bed early.

A. the

B. ∅

C. a

Nicky and I both have red hair but _____ is lighter than ____

A. her / me

B. hers / my

C. hers / mine

D. her / my

Mark just phoned to say he’d left his coat behind. Do you know if this is ____ ?

A. hers

B. he

C. him

D. his

Two boys ______ (play) soccer when the teacher ____ (come) into the classroom.

A. played / came

B. were playing / was coming

C. were playing / came

D. played / was coming

May I have ____ a cup of coffee?

A. another

B. other

C. the other

D. both

Jim _____ (break) his leg while he _____ (play) golf.

A. broke / played

B. was breaking / was playing

C. broke / was playing

D. was breaking / played

I _____ (swim) in the sea when it _____ (start) raining.

A. swam / started

B. was swimming / started

C. was swimming / was starting

D. swam / was starting


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