Grammar Quiz

Gerunds Quiz


He starts _________________________________________.

A. swimming in the pool

B. walking his dog

C. listening to music

He starts _____________________________.

A. learning English

B. playing soccer

C. cookig dinner

He enjoys ….. a shower.

A. swimming

B. having

C. washing

D. drinking

Marie dislikes  ______ soda. She prefers water. 
A. to drink 
B. drink
C. drinking 

I love ____ out with my friends every weekend.
A. going
B. go
C. to go

Mary enjoys ….. on the beach.

A. swimming

B. going

C. walking

D. traveling

She hates …… long distances by car.

A. running

B. walking

C. traveling

D. taking

Francisco enjoys ________ more than spending time with his girlfriend Diana.
A. to swim 
B. swimming
C. swim

My sister is afraid ______ having a car accident. 
A. of
B. to
C. in
D. about

We hate ______Maths exams every Monday.  
A. taking
B. to take
C. take 

I don’t mind _______ mom with the dishes. 
A. help
B. to help
C. helping

We like …… parties at home.

A. eating

B. talking

C. taking

D. having

I’m crazy _____ travelling. 
A. of
B. at
C. about
D. in

I can’t stand ______ for people. 
A. waiting
B. wait
C. to wait 

They love ….. hamburgers

A. eating

B. drinking

C. walking

D. doing

I like _______________________________.

A. working late in the office

B. drawing pictures

C. reading books

Sharon doesn’t like ….. by bus.

A. driving

B. flying

C. running

D. traveling

I enjoy __________________________________________.

A. cooking lunch

B. washing TV

C. watching TV

She is good ____ playing the piano. 
A. in
B. about
C. of
D. at

He doesn’t like ….. a hotel online.

A. going

B. booking

C. staying

D. sleeping


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