Gerunds Quiz


She hates …… long distances by car.

A. running

B. walking

C. traveling

D. taking

Francisco enjoys ________ more than spending time with his girlfriend Diana.
A. to swim 
B. swimming
C. swim

He doesn’t like ….. a hotel online.

A. going

B. booking

C. staying

D. sleeping

I like _______________________________.

A. working late in the office

B. drawing pictures

C. reading books

I don’t mind _______ mom with the dishes. 
A. help
B. to help
C. helping

Marie dislikes  ______ soda. She prefers water. 
A. to drink 
B. drink
C. drinking 

He starts _____________________________.

A. learning English

B. playing soccer

C. cookig dinner

I can’t stand ______ for people. 
A. waiting
B. wait
C. to wait 

I enjoy __________________________________________.

A. cooking lunch

B. washing TV

C. watching TV

He starts _________________________________________.

A. swimming in the pool

B. walking his dog

C. listening to music


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