Grammar Quiz

The First Conditional Sentence Quiz


If he ____________ (go) on telling lies nobody will believe a word he says.

A. go

B. will go

C. goes

D. gone

If I see him, I ____________ (give) him a lift.

A. will give

B. gave

C. is giving

D. gave

If you put on the kettle I ____________ (make) the tea.

A. make

B. will make

C. makes

D. made

Which sentence is NOT correct?

A. If you don´t study for the test, you will get a bad grade.

B. You won’t lose any weight if you keep eating junk food.

C. If you will study for the test, you will get good grades.

If she ____________ (read) in bad light she will ruin his eyes.

A. read

B. reads

C. is reading

D. have read

If he ____________ (eat) all that he will be ill.

A. eat

B. is eating

C. eats

D. ate

The table will collapse if you ____________ (stand) on it.

A. stand

B. stood

C. is standing

D. stands

If you ____________ (not go) away I’ll send for the police.

A. doesn’t go

B. didn’t go

C. will not go

D. don’t go

If you give my dog a bone he ____________ (burry) it at once.

A. burry

B. burries

C. will burry

D. burried

He’ll be late for the train if he ____________(not start) at once.

A. don’t start

B. doesn’t start

C. did not start

D. will not start

If he ____________ (work) hard today can he have a holiday tomorrow?

A. works

B. worked

C. will work

D. is working

If he ____________ (wash) my car I’ll give him $ 10.

A. wash

B. is washing

C. washes

D. will wash

What will happen if my parachute ____________ (not open)?

A. don’t open

B. doesn’t open

C. open

D. opens


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