Grammar Quiz

If Conditionals Quiz


If I (had/ have) enough time this evening, I will watch a movie.

A. had

B. have

If I leave now, I (will arrive/ arrive) in New York by 8:00 pm.

A. will arrive

B. arrive

If you don’t go to the party, I (am/ will be) very upset.

A. am

B. will be

If your sister goes to Paris, she (has/ will have) a good time.

A. has

B. will have

If you get a haircut, you (will look/ look) much better.

A. will look

B. look

If I (will get/ get) the money, I will buy a mobile phone.

A. will get

B. get

I will get angry if you (make/ will make) more mistakes.

A. make

B. will make

If he (got/ gets) my email, he will send the information we need.

A. got

B. gets

If you (eat/ will eat) greasy food, you will become fat.

A. eat

B. will eat

If I (go/ will go) to Paris, I will visit the Eiffel Tower.

A. go

B. will go

If she travels to London, she (will visit/ visits) the museums.

A. will visit

B. visits

If I bake a cake, (will you/ do you) have some?

A. will you

B. do you

If they don’t invite me, I (don’t go/ won’t go).

A. don’t go

B. won’t go

If you don’t believe what I said. (ask/ will ask) your father.

A. ask

B. will ask

They won’t know the truth if you (won’t tell/ don’t tell) them.

A. won’t tell

B. don’t tell

If she (reads/ read) in bad light, she will run her eyes.

A. reads

B. read

If he (will call/ calls) you, will you answer the phone?

A. will call

B. calls

If you make trouble, I (will send/ will sent) you to the principal.

A. will send

B. will sent

If he (will do/ does) that, he will be sorry.

A. will do

B. does

If he has money, he (will lends/ will lend) me what I need.

A. will lends

B. will lend

If I study hard, I (pass/ will pass) this year’s exam.

A. pass

B. will pass

If the weather is fine, we (go/ will go) on a picnic.

A. go

B. will go

You (won’t do well/ don’t do well) on your test if you don’t study.

A. won’t do well

B. don’t do well

If I find your book, I (will phone/ could phone) you at once.

A. will phone

B. could phone


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