Grammar Quiz

Modal and Modal Perfect Quiz


I__________________ medicine. But actually I chose chemistry.

A. could have studied

B. should have studied

C. could study

Emma did very well on her English test. She _______ studied hard.

A. might have

B. should have

C. must have

D. shouldn’t have

You have eaten macaroni and cheese every day for 2 weeks. You ______________ be sick of it.

A. can’t

B. must

C. will

D. might

I feel so sick. I ____________ that old sushi. What was I thinking?

A. must have eaten

B. can’t have eaten

C. shouldn’t have eaten

Patty ____________ at the mall last night. She was out of town visiting her mother.

A. couldn’t have been

B. must have been

C. mustn’t have been

D. could have being

She texted while driving, she ______ an accident.

A. could has had

B. could had

C. could have

D. could have had

John and Michael haven’t arrived at the party yet. They___________ lost.

A. Should have got

B. Must have got

C. Shouldn’t have got

D. Mustn’t have got

We __________ home. That movie was terrible!

A. would have stayed

B. must have stayed

C. should have stayed

You went to Moscow in February? It ____________ cold!

A. must have been

B. could have been

C. should be

I think I _____________________ the final exam. It was really hard

A. would have failed

B. must have failed

C. might have failed

I wonder why our neighbours decided to move. They___________________________

A. can’t have bought a new house.

B. must have bought a new house.

C. might have bought a new house

D. have bought a new house.

You ___________ a jacket. It’s so cold tonight!

A. should have brought

B. may have brought

C. might bring

Gemma didn’t do very well in her English test. She _______ harder before the next one.

A. may study

B. should have studied

C. must study

D. shouldn’t have studied

Your diet is unhealthy. You _________ eat more vegetables.

A. should

B. might

C. may

D. could

Where’s Tom?

I don’t know. He _____________ lost on his way here.

A. must get

B. must have got

C. might have got

D. could get

I _____________________ that he didn’t want sushi. He had told me that he didn’t like fish.

A. should know

B. should have known

C. can’t have known

D. might not have known

I’m tired. I definitely___________ up so late last night.

A. shouldn’t have stayed

B. couldn’t stayed

C. may have stayed

D. could has stayed

I really wish I could speak English better. I ________________ more when I was younger.

A. should study

B. would have studied

C. should have studied

D. might study


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