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Past Simple vs Past Continuous Quiz


What is the structure of the ver “to be” in the past (possitive sentence).

A. subject – verb – complement

B. verb- subject- complement

C. did – verb to be past -complement

D. subject- verb tobe in past- complement

Hayet missed the bus because she __________ (argue) with one of her friends.

A. were arguing

B. was arguing

C. argued

D. arguered

What were you doing when the earthquake hit?

A. I were sleeping when the earthquake hit.

B. you were sleeping when the earthquake hit.

C. i was sleeping when the earthquake hit.

D. you was sleeping when the eartquake hit.

I ____________ (walk) down the street at the moment I realised I _____________ (not take) my keys.

A. was walking / didn’t take

B. walked / wasn’t taking

C. walked / didn’t take

D. was walking / wasn’t taking

How many people ___________(stand) in front of the company when she arrived?

A. were standing

B. was standing

C. standed

D. stantsted

What _____ he _____ (watch) on television when you arrived?

A. was / watching

B. were / watching

C. was/ watch

D. were / watch

While I was swimming in the river, I ___________(see) some frogs.

A. seen

B. saw

C. seed

D. was seeing

Her plane didn’t landed yet when we________ (arrive) at the airport.

A. were arrived

B. arrived

C. was arriving

D. arrivent

Yesterday he __________ late at school.

A. listened

B. walked

C. arrived

D. started

You, We, They



We use past continuos.

A. For an action that happened in a concrete moment of the past.

B. For an action that was happening during a time in the past.

C. For an action that will happen in the past.

D. non of the these ones.

What is the correct question in simple past.

A. When did he say that ?

B. where di you go?

C. Where did she lived?

D. were i your friend?

Hello Cesarina, what _______ (you / do) when I called you last night?

A. do you do

B. did you do

C. didn’t do

D. were you doing

I __________ my car when it __________ to rain.

A. was driving / started

B. drove / was starting

C. drove / started

D. was driving / was starting

It’s a continuos action in the past.

A. simple past

B. verb to be in the past

C. past progressive

D. present continous

‘Allan __________ (buy) at the supermarket when I ___________ (see) him.

A. was buying / saw

B. were buying / sees

C. was buying / see

D. bought / was seeing

While they were watching TV, their kids ________. (sleep)

A. sleeped

B. slept

C. was sleeping

D. were sleeping

Choose the correct question in simple past.

A. When did i said that ?

B. where di you go?

C. Where did she live?

D. were i your friend?

What sentence is correct?

A. He was watching TV.

B. He were watching TV


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