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Progressive Tense Quiz


I was (to sit) on the chair when it broke.

A. siting

B. sit

C. sits

D. sitting

My aunt ___________ to Albertville tomorrow.

A. is moving

B. was moving

C. will be moving

She is swimming.

A. present perfect progressive

B. present progressive

C. past progressive

D. future progressive

My eyes are tearing up a little.

A. present progressive

B. past progressive

C. future progressive

You and I … having lunch with my brother right now.

A. have

B. Is

C. are

D. am

Tom had been working really hard at the office. Choose the correct tense.

A. past progressive

B. present perfect progressive

C. future progressive

D. past perfect progressive

Complete: My brother _____ ___________ (take) out the trash. (affirmative)

A. are / taking

B. am / taking

C. is / taking

D. is / takes

… they … a cake when their mother arrived?

A. Are | baking

B. Were | baking

C. Was | baking

D. Do | baking

They …. Spending their time to shopping

A. Could

B. Will

C. Will be

D. Would

We had been sitting.

A. past perfect progressive

B. past progressive

C. future perfect progressive

D. present progressive

Identify the progressive tense of the verb.

We were planning our meals for week yesterday.

A. present progressive

B. past progressive

C. future progressive

By midnight, you _______________ for 4 hours. The future perfect progressive tense is…

A. will be dancing

B. will have been dancing

C. were dancing

D. had been dancing

I (read) a science book this time.

A. was reading

B. will be reading

C. am reading

Susan ___________ popcorn, soda, a hotdog, and chips for the game she watched last night.

A. were buying

B. was buying

C. will be buying

He will not be…… at the library tonight,so he will not see jenny when she arrives.

A. Studying

B. Studies

C. Student

D. Study

He……running along street this morning.

A. Was

B. Were

C. Am

D. Are

In class yesterday, Joshua ______________ reading the longest book I had ever seen!

A. is reading

B. will be reading

C. was reading

______ So busy at this time yesterday ?

A. Why you being

B. Why you were being

C. Why was you being

D. Why were you being  

Every student … the class while the bell was ringing

A. Weren’t entering    

B. Wasn’t entering

C. Were entered

D. Were being entering

Yesterday, I __ watching TV when the power went out

A. Am 

B. Were

C. Was 

D. Are

We were measuring the olive oil when the phone rang.

A. present progressive

B. past progressive

C. future progressive

Look! She …….. on the stage.

A. were Performing

B. is performing

C. are performing

D. was performing

That boat was working perfectly, but it isn´t anymore. Choose the correct verb tense.

A. present perfect progressive

B. future progressive

C. simple tense

D. past progressive

Many birds … on my house at this morning.

A. are been

B. are be

C. is being

D. are being

Amy and her family _______________ today for the competition.

A. will be arriving

B. are arriving

C. is arriving


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