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Progressive Tense Quiz


By midnight, you _______________ for 4 hours. The future perfect progressive tense is…

A. will be dancing

B. will have been dancing

C. were dancing

D. had been dancing

Select the progressive verb tense phrase in the sentence:

Phillip couldn’t hear you earlier because he was listening to music.

A. was listening

B. couldn’t hear

C. because

D. to music

My aunt ___________ to Albertville tomorrow.

A. is moving

B. was moving

C. will be moving

In class yesterday, Joshua ______________ reading the longest book I had ever seen!

A. is reading

B. will be reading

C. was reading

Look! She …….. on the stage.

A. were Performing

B. is performing

C. are performing

D. was performing

Amy and her family _______________ today for the competition.

A. will be arriving

B. are arriving

C. is arriving

When I came to the school, she…..the classroom.

A. Cleans

B. Is cleaning

C. Was cleaning

D. Cleaned

He……running along street this morning.

A. Was

B. Were

C. Am

D. Are

… they … a cake when their mother arrived?

A. Are | baking

B. Were | baking

C. Was | baking

D. Do | baking

We had been sitting.

A. past perfect progressive

B. past progressive

C. future perfect progressive

D. present progressive

She is swimming.

A. present perfect progressive

B. present progressive

C. past progressive

D. future progressive

Susan ___________ popcorn, soda, a hotdog, and chips for the game she watched last night.

A. were buying

B. was buying

C. will be buying

Tom had been working really hard at the office. Choose the correct tense.

A. past progressive

B. present perfect progressive

C. future progressive

D. past perfect progressive

The students ______________ working on their English project. The present progressive tense is…

A. have been

B. were

C. is

D. are

He was running.

A. present perfect progressive

B. past progressive

C. past perfect progressive

D. future perfect progressive

That boat was working perfectly, but it isn´t anymore. Choose the correct verb tense.

A. present perfect progressive

B. future progressive

C. simple tense

D. past progressive

Complete: My brother _____ ___________ (take) out the trash. (affirmative)

A. are / taking

B. am / taking

C. is / taking

D. is / takes

Select the progressive verb tense phrase in the sentence:

I can tell it’s almost winter because the leaves are falling from the trees.

A. can tell

B. almost winter

C. from the trees

D. are falling

The number of cases of asthma ______ these days, perhaps partly because more people own cats.

A. increase

B. is increasing

C. was increasing

D. were increased


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