Grammar Quiz

Quantifiers Quiz


That’s just …. dust in her eye.

A. a speck of

B. a grain of

C. a drop of

D. a pane of

…. people on the country earn enough for a comfortable life.

A. most of

B. almost all the

C. mostly

D. virtually

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: ____________ mangoes are there in the fridge?

A. How much

B. How many

I had lots of free times , so I read _____ books during the holiday.

A. much

B. a little

C. a few

I hope I haven’t got … luggage

A. too many

B. so many

C. too much

D. so much

In Ecuador, the 0% of children learn another language.

A. most of children learn another language

B. some learns another language

C. In Ecuador, no one learns another language in pre school

D. a lot of learn another language

In Ecuador, 60% of people get married fairly young

A. In Ecuador, some people get married fairly young

B. All people get married young

C. No one gets married young

D. Some get married

Can I ask you _____question?

A. many

B. a little

C. a few

The news provides _____useful information.

A. much

B. many

C. few

D. any

There are ___________ things to do in the city.

A. a lot of

B. much

I did ___________ study to pass the test.

A. too many

B. enough

Is there ___________ sugar?

A. any

B. many

_________time did the phone ring before you answered it?

A. How much

B. Is there

C. How many

I spent_________ my spare time gardening last year

A. most of

B. most

C. many of

D. a large number of

There isn’t _____ paper left. We should buy some.

A. much

B. many

C. a lot of

___________________ cities anywhere in Europe can match the cultural richness of Berlin.

A. a few

B. few

C. little

D. a little

She doesn’t have _________ patience when learning English.

A. few

B. any

Are there enough chairs for ….?

A. we all

B. us all

C. all we

D. ourselves

There wasn’t ______food in the kitchen , so I decided to go to the restaurant.

A. many

B. much

C. any

How many pets do you have, many or ______ ?

A. much

B. a little

C. a few

Uncountable nouns…

A. Just have singular form (they refer to 1 thing, animal, person, etc.)

B. Have both Singular and Plural form (they refer to 1, 2 or more things, animals, people, places, etc.)

A : How many vegetables do you eat?
B : Any. / None.

A. any

B. none

You should read sentence carefully.

A. every

B. some

C. many

D. a lot of

________ butter do you use for this cake?

A. How much

B. How many

The Malayan tiger is ___________ endangered species.

A. a

B. an

C. some

D. any


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