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State Verbs and Action Verbs Quiz


Thank you for the flowers. I … them right now.

A. smell

B. smells

C. is smelling

D. am smelling

It’s eight o’clock and I …to work. I hope I can arrive on time.

A. drive

B. drives

C. is driving

D. am driving

______you _____this coffee?

A. Are / liking

B. Do / liking

C. Do / like

D. Are / like

I ___ ____ of reading more about local news right now.

A. don´t thinking

B. do think

C. think

D. am thinking

This dress _________a lot! I don’t need it!

A. costs

B. cost

C. is costing

D. costing

You ________ beautiful

A. are looking

B. are look

C. looking

D. look

Most cats don’t like to swim. In fact, they … the water.

A. hate

B. hates

C. is hating

D. are hating

Did you buy new perfume? It … really nice.

A. smell

B. smells

C. is smelling

D. are smelling

(A) What’s Tom doing?

(B) He …the food you cooked.

A. tate

B. tates

C. is tasting

D. are tasting

I_______________to see him now! It’s very important!

A. want

B. wanting

C. am want

D. am wanting

Sam and Sue ____________this hotel. They will never stay here again!

A. hate

B. is hating

C. hates

D. are hating

Right now they …. about buying a new car.

A. think

B. thinks

C. is thinking

D. are thinking

It … as if it might rain.

A. look

B. looks

C. is looking

D. are looking

How ____ you ____ about the news today? – Well, if you ask me I am really scared.

A. are – feeling

B. do – feeling

C. are – feel

D. do – feel

Shirley … a difficult time right now.

A. has

B. have

C. is having

D. are having

Roberto … a large family: three sisters and two brothers.

A. has

B. have

C. is having

D. are having

(A) Do you like the food?

(B) Yes, it …wonderful!

A. tastes

B. taste

C. is tasting

D. are tasting

I … that I should look for a new job.

A. think

B. thinks

C. is thinking

D. are thinking

Kevin is tired after the long flight. He …on the sofa.

A. sleep

B. sleeps

C. is sleeping

D. are sleeping

I___________that his girlfriend is selfish.

A. think

B. am thinking

C. not think

D. don’t thinking

I ___________breakfast now.

A. having

B. have

C. am having

D. has

She_______________many friends.

A. isn’t have

B. doesn’t have

C. don’t have

D. hasn’t

I______________you! Can you speak up?

A. am not hearing

B. not hearing

C. don’t hearing

D. don’t hear

My coworkers ____ nervous today because of the government´s latest news.

A. are seem

B. seem

C. seems

D. are seeming

______she______________ us?

A. Does / understanding

B. Does / understand

C. Is / understands

D. Is / understanding


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