Grammar Quiz

Degrees of Adjectives Quiz


The Amazon is _________________ river in the world.

A. the widest

B. wider than

C. widest

D. wide

He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has ___________one in the world.

A. the most interesting

B. more interesting than

Today is _______________________day of the week!

A. the hottest

B. hotter than

C. as hot as

D. the coldest

Positive degree of fewest

A. fewer

B. less fewest

C. few

D. least fewest

Emily is _______ than her elder sister Betty.

A. cleverer

B. clever

C. cleverest

D. most clever

Superlative degree of difficult

A. difficulter

B. difficuliest

C. more difficult

D. most difficult

This building is the ——– in the town.

A. Tall

B. Taller

C. Tallest

D. Taller than

Jane is ____________________________ Vicky.

A. more smart

B. more intelligent than

C. the most intelligent

D. the smartest

Superlative degree of thin

A. less thin

B. thinnest

C. thinest

D. thinner

Positive degree of healthiest

A. healthier

B. healthy

C. healthiester

D. health

Comparative degree of big

A. biger

B. bigger

C. biggest

D. bigest

What is the comparative degree of the adjective “easy”?

A. easy

B. easier

C. easiest

D. easily

Comparative degree of large

A. largger

B. largest

C. most large

D. larger

Superlative degree of small

A. smallest

B. smaller

C. less small

D. least small


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