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Future - will / going to / present continuous Quiz


Bill _______ that present. Don’t give it to him. 

A. likes

B. is going to like

C. doesn’t like

D. is not going to like

What time _____________ the doctor?

A. are you going to meet

B. are you meeting

C. do you meet

D. will you meet

This car sounds terrible. It _____________ there. 

A. is not going to get

B. doesn’t get

You can go out to the shops. I  __________ the phone for you. 

A. am answering

B. will answer

I promise I __________ anyone.

A. am going to tell

B. will tell

C. am not going to tell

D. won’t tell

I think it _________ tomorrow because it is freezing. 

A. is snowing

B. is going to snow

A: I do not know how to use this camera.
B: It is quite easy. I _____________ you.

A. will show

B. am showing

C. show

D. am going to show

You ______ the trip at the weekend. It’s a lovely place.

A. are enjoying

B. are going to enjoy

Is the following sentence about the future or the present?
Denise is preparing dinner in the kitchen.

A. Present

B. Future

A: Why are you filling that bucket with water? B: I _______________ the car. 

A. will wash

B. wash

C. am going to wash

Look out! That plant pot ______ on your head.

A. is going to fall

B. will fall

A: Oh I haven’t got any money with me.
B: Haven’t you? Well, don’t worry. I ______ you some.

A. will lend

B. am lending

C. am going to lend

D. lend

_______________ a party on Friday?

A. Do you have

B. Are you having

Do you know about Sally? ___________ married next month?

A. Is she getting

B. Does she get

I have got the tickets! I _______ to the theatre this evening.

A. am going to go

B. am going

C. go

D. will go

Leave your car with me. I _________ to fix it. 

A. will try

B. try

C. am trying


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