Grammar Quiz

Simple Present VS Present Continuous Quiz


Joe usually cleans his house on weekends.

A. Is Joe cleaning his house?

B. How often does Joe clean his house?

C. Does Joe clean his house?

My parents are watching a movie right now.

A. What are your parents doing?

B. How often do your parents watch a movie?

C. Do your parents watch a moviw?

What time _____________________ on weekdays?

A. are you wake up

B. do you wake up

C. are you waking up

D. do you waking up

______ those people get up early?

A. Is

B. Are

C. Do

D. Does

_____ Merriam work in an office?

A. Is

B. Are

C. Do

D. Does

How often do Jhon and Maria have dinner at eight o´clock?

A. They are having dinner now

B. We don’t have dinner at eight o´clock

C. They always have dinner at eight o´clock

D. You usually have dinner at eight o´clock

Where is mum?

She ___________in the kitchen

A. do getting up

B. are getting

C. is get up

D. do get

__________ your friends _____________ English?

A. Are – speak

B. Is – speaking

C. Do – speak

D. Does – speak

______ Mike and Joe ________ the table in the afternoon?

A. Is – setting

B. Are – setting

C. Do – set

D. Does – set

what time____they____ ?

A. do getting up

B. are getting

C. is get up

D. do get

My brother______Geography

A. don’t like

B. is not liking

C. doesn’t like

D. are not liking

My sister_____________to music

A. listen

B. are litening

C. listens

D. is listening

She_________ understand you.

A. not

B. don’t

C. isn’t

D. doesn’t

Which newspaper _____________ you usually read?

A. are

B. do

C. does

D. is

I always_______my homework after school

A. does

B. am

C. do

D. am doing

Listen! John ______the piano

A. play

B. is playing

C. have played

D. plays

___your father____in a factory

A. do work

B. does works

C. does work

D. do works

I _____________________________ on holiday this summer.

A. am not go

B. don’t go

C. don’t going

D. am not going

Marcianito ___________ like to eat KFC.

A. isn’t

B. is

C. don’t

D. doesn’t

mary usually_____to school by bus

A. go

B. goes

C. am going

D. have gone

July _______________ now because she is doing her homework.

A. listens to music

B. is listening to music

C. doesn’t listen to music

D. isn’t listening to music

they__________television at the moment

A. watch

B. does watch

C. is watching

D. are watching

Cliff does not like dogs who bite him.

A. Simple Present

B. Present Continuous

My brother ________________ a daughter and a son.

A. has

B. have

C. is having

D. haves

My cat never………… in my room

A. sleeps

B. slept

C. is sleeping

D. are sleeping


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