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Past Perfect Simple & Past Perfect Continuous Quiz


It’s the first time __________ all the answers right in a test!

A. I’ve got

B. I’d got

C. I’ve been getting

D. I’d been getting

Clare hasn’t finished her homework __________ .

A. already

B. just

C. yet

D. ever

It was a fantastic experience because I’d never __________in a plane before.

A. flown

B. flying

The exam _________when Jimmy finally found the right room.

A. has already started

B. had already started

C. already started

D. already starts

_____________that crosswrd for over an hour and you still haven’t finished it !

A. You’ve done

B. You’ve been doing

C. You’d done

D. You’d been doing

Lizzie has been having dance classes _________she was four years old.

A. for

B. since

C. from

D. when

Had you been learning French ____________ several years before you took your first exam?

A. for

B. since

C. from

D. when

Gali hadn’t __________me that she would help me, so I wasn’t angry when she didn’t

A. told

B. been telling

We’d __________ready all day when they called to say the party had been cancelled.

A. got

B. been getting

Had you already _____________ James his birthday present when we gave him ours?

A. given

B. been giving

Mum had _________her cup of tea for several minutes before she realised it had salt in it!

A. drunk

B. been drinking

When they let us go in, we _________ outside the exam room for over half an hour.

A. have stood

B. have been standing

C. had been standing

D. are standing

I’d only __________the washing-up for a few minutes when Clare came home, so she offered to finish it.

A. done

B. been doing

Have you ________ been on a school trip?

A. yet

B. before

C. ever

D. for


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