Grammar Quiz

too / enough Quiz


Those apples are ___________________.

A. too expensive

B. expensive enough

Tell Sharon to hurry! She’s __________ slow.

A. too

B. enough

I can’t study here because it isn’t _____________.

A. too quiet

B. quiet enough

This book is ____________ for me. I can’t understand it.

A. too difficult

B. difficult enough

I don’t like that film. It is _________ boring.

A. too

B. enough

Please open the window. It’s _____________________ .

A. too hot

B. hot enough

My friend isn’t _________ to buy a yacht.

A. too rich

B. rich enough

Mr. Stewart says flying is _____________.

A. too dangerous

B. dangerous enough

There were hundreds of people. It was ______________.

A. too busy

B. busy enough

I think this chocolate isn’t ______________. I prefer the ice cream.

A. too good

B. good enough


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